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LED indoor light

LED fluorescent lamp is the latest family of products is the ultimate alternative to traditional fluorescent lamp, which is mainly formed by the white 1X0 chip composed of modules, the advantages of long life, no flicker, no radiation, energy saving, environmental protection, set all In one of the advantages of fluorescent lamps.LED fluorescent tubes suitable for offices, factories, shopping malls, schools, home lighting and other indoor places.

Office lighting requirements

The particularity of office space, office staff take a long time required to maintain the peace and mind fresh attitude, work efficiency without feeling tired. Office of the general usage of the highest in the daytime, office space, lighting is usually based on the needs of office functions, in the same time take full advantage of natural light, combined with artificial lighting, in order to maintain stable, reasonable, comfortable, healthy and light environment. The purpose of lighting is to create a good working environment and meet the illumination requirements, to reduce glare effects and strobe lighting to reduce visual fatigue office staff. Therefore, Ying Cai cool light with color, color temperature often in the 4200 ~ 5300K, close to the morning of natural light.

Office lighting specific technical indicators are as follows.

① light source color temperature and color rendering index: in office more than 40001 ^ generally choose the color temperature, color rendering index R> = 75.

② lighting levels: different environment, different places have different requirements for lighting, illumination of office space should meet the requirements, generally 500 ~ 10001LX.

③ illumination uniformity: reasonable arrangement of lamps, the illumination uniformity. In general, the Office of the maximum, minimum and average intensity of illumination should be less than the difference between the average intensity of 1 / 3.

④ comfort and glare control: in the field of vision brighter than the brightness is too high or too large, it will make people feel a dazzling glare. Measures to prevent the glare is to limit the main light source brightness, rational arrangement of light sources, such as the light source in the perspective of 45. Above, the formation of opaque material shielding angle or block light.

⑤ security: the main consideration of structural safety lighting and electrical safety, to consider whether the national standard lamp, is passed 3C certification.



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