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LED Interior Lighting

Surface emitting type LED lighting is flat in the most simple form, and can be installed in the roof, wall or floor. Such lighting can also be multi-block mosaic composed of small LED lights emitting a large area. Foreseeable future, the mainstream will not adopt this structure, LED lighting, LED lighting is still used if the structure and principles of the traditional lamp, the LED lamp is not only low luminous efficiency, and light seemed outdated and simplistic ways. In appearance, light modeling, lighting, and lighting efficiency, diversity, too, far less by the production of a variety of thin-type light lighting excellent, therefore, this structure is not suitable for LED lighting.

Lamp is removed from the lamp, lamp holders, lamp components, but rather into a beautiful thin, sheet-shaped light with a variety of decorative pieces, the structure together, can form different sizes, different styles, a variety of series of lighting . Appearance of different lighting effects coupled with different shapes and different lighting, to the formation of ever-changing variety of lighting to meet the people on the different effects of the pursuit of love to different people bring more comfortable and warm. This type of LED lighting series, most varieties, the most abundant and can replace traditional ceiling lamps, wall lamps and other lighting.
Put a lot of hanging a sheet-shaped light in a variety of shapes or objects attached to the surface or framework, but also made ​​the birds, flowers, animals, sculpture, landscape and all kinds of outdoor lights used for outdoor lighting, landscaping and Advertising lighting: light the ever-changing not only their appearance, but also to create a variety of lighting effects, lights to show people the beautiful shape, which is the traditional lighting and general LED lighting can not be achieved. Through digital intelligent control, these combinations can be realized as the lantern base that roll, flashing, running and other changes.

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