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LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling Lights is adsorbed or embedded in the roof lights on the ceiling, and chandeliers as it is the main indoor lighting, is the home, office, entertainment and other places frequently used lamps.LED Ceiling Lights general ceiling of about 200mm in diameter, suitable in the hallway, bathroom use, while the diameter of the 400mm mounted on top of not less than 16m2 room is appropriate. Common market of LED ceiling ring with D-shaped tube and pipe size of pipe there are differences between the two. LED ceiling when purchasing three to see. To see whether a complete product identification, product identification tend to be more formal specification, shall identify: trademarks and the make, model specifications, rated voltage, rated frequency, rated power. Second look lamp power cord for CCC safety certification mark, the external conductor cross-sectional area should be ≥ 0.75mm2. Three charged body to see whether light exposure, the light source into the holder, the finger should not touch dead metal cap.


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