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LED track light

LED track light is for commercial lighting, LED display of goods designed for the new lights, new track adjustable design, high quality led light source, spectrum of pure, rich color, environment protection and energy; aluminum alloy, lightweight simple, elegant appearance; high power transformer , and the lighting, the perfect combination of power, but also highlight its elegant features.

Advantage features:
1. high-quality aluminum housing, and better heat dissipation, light decay less, live longer;
2. brand LED cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, high performance, color pure, rich, high brightness, low flicker, saving more healthy
3. efficient optical-grade lens, optical loss, good illumination;
4. high power transformer, the lighting, electrical appliances, the perfect combination of light source;
5. lightweight simple, elegant, easy to install and replace.
6. streamline design, beautiful appearance, easy installation.
7. Energy durable (ordinary incandescent lamp consumes only 1 / 10, life expectancy has extended more than 100 times.) The metal halide lamp ordinary 70W from 70W down to it we 10W.
8. shell heat, prolonged use of more secure than traditional halogen lamps.
9. Wide voltage constant-current circuit, no flicker, stable and reliable.
10 dust, pest control, not easily deformed, light-emitting angle of 15 °.
11 can be directly installed lighting. The number of high color, color rendering index R is generally around 80.
This product is LED (light emitting diode) to do with the LED's characteristics:
1. power: In the light of the circumstances does not weaken, we have reduced the traditional 70W 10W.
2. Light: concentrated, with emphasis on an item, the effect is outstanding. Natural light, no glare, changing the projection lamp can change the effect of beads.
3. Green: Green light, non-toxic harmless elements do not contain mercury pollution. No infrared and ultraviolet spectra, no heat, no radiation, recyclable
Can touch, safe green light.

Product selling point:
1. layout and design, fashion, trend.
2. energy saving, environmental protection.
3. Easy installation (no modification shop style)
4. exclusive monopoly (according to customer needs is perfect for you.)
5. product performance, better than other products irradiated counterparts.
6. cold light source, and does not increase the use of long room temperature. While the other lights on the contrary the traditional.
7. light irradiation can keep items in the item on the bright color, gorgeous. Not like other traditional metal halide lamp irradiation as a result of excessive loss of the original luster items.

Widely used in shopping malls, hotels, hotels, halls, clubs, villas, windows, clothing stores and other places of lighting and decoration.

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