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About LED Spotlights

LED Spotlights is to use light-emitting diodes as a LED lamp. Use more traditional halogen spotlights, light-emitting efficiency is low, more power, increased by exposure to ambient temperature, short life. Principle in the light-emitting LED, energy saving, environmental protection level is far superior to the traditional lighting products. And the formation of unidirectional LED glowing light distribution for lighting the perfect support.
   Secondly, there are several spotlights, call it different, led lamp cup, rail lights, outdoor small spotlights, can be classified as spotlights.
optical properties led spotlights
   LED provides is a great half-width of the monochromatic light, the semiconductor energy gap decreases with temperature increase, so its emission peak wavelength with temperature in the economy, the spectral red shift, the temperature coefficient of +2 ~ 3A /. LED forward current luminance L and the approximate ratio. Current increases, the brightness is also similar increases.
Classification of LED light
   Most of the MR16-based, which called the pin-type MR16, distinguished by light foot, but also E27, GU10 and so on.

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