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LED car lights

LED car lights is the use of LED (light emitting diode) light source for the lights. Because LED with high brightness, color, variety, low power consumption, long life, LED has been widely used in the automotive sector.

Now cars have incandescent lights, halogen lamps, xenon lights. In addition to headlights, other lights such as small lamps, lights, lamps and other lighting inside the car is the use of incandescent lamps. But in recent years also made ??popular LED indicator, such as brake lights, turn lights. Why LED instead of incandescent lamps with the rise of it? Housing available PC pipe production, high temperature 135 degrees. Greatly improve the transparency effect and enhance the impact of resistance! ! Resistant to weak acid and neutral oil. Effective use of up to 20 years
Original, LED and incandescent lamps had significant advantages. First, long life, usually ranging from tens of thousands or even one hundred thousand hours. Some people think that if the future of automotive lighting using LED, the entire period of use without replacement of car lamps. The second is very energy than equivalent incandescent brightness of at least saving more than half. Third, high-quality light, essentially no radiation, a "green " light. Fourth, the LED structure is simple, the internal support structure, surrounded by a transparent epoxy resin seal, good seismic performance. Fifth, no hot start time, the light response speed (ns) for fast moving objects in use. Sixth, for the voltage between 6-12 volts, can be used in the car. Seven are occupied by small LED, lighting designers are free to change modes, so that diversified automotive styling. Auto makers favor LED, LED is completely determined by its own merits.

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