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What is the LED Flood lights? LED flood light the major role

First, LED Flood light basic definition: LED flood light known lights, spotlights, floodlights, etc., mainly used for architectural lighting purposes (currently does not meet functional lighting purposes), and its appearance There are also well-rounded, because the general had to consider the reasons for cooling and therefore its shape with the traditional projection lamp, there are some differences.

Second, LED Flood light basic parameters: the current common market, LED Spotlight 1W high power LED is basically a selection of tubes (each LED tube will be made with a PMMA lens with high light efficiency, and its main function is the second time distribution of emitted light LED tube), there are few companies with the cooling techniques are handled well, or even choose to use a higher power 3W LED tube, at present, I have learned about 1W, 3W, 8W, 12W, 18W, 36W power in the form of several other, because one had to take into account the heat factor, and therefore each high-power LED light will be cast with a cooling device (commonly used for aluminum), heat sink depends on the size of the power LED tube This more or less to the LED lamp for light in the exterior design brought a bit of inconvenience, throughout the entire industry, by prices, luminous efficiency, and national recognition, and many other factors, high-power LED lights cast light application is not large, but this situation is slowly changing, the country has a lot of projects (such as the Pearl River lighting, lighting engineering Zhongshan Road) applications of high power LED lamp for light.

Third, LED lamp for light control in the form: LED flood lights has two kinds of external control and internal control, internal control without an external controller can be built a variety of change models (up to six kinds), the outer control will have to outside the control of the controller be configured to achieve the color change, the application of currently available external control or the majority.

Fourth, the main applications and the effect can be achieved: LED flood lights through the built-in micro-chip control applications in the minor works, you can not control use, to achieve a gradual, transition, color blinking, random blinking, Alternating Gradient and other dynamic effects, DMX control can also realize the chase, the scan results. Currently, the main application areas are: single building, historical buildings exterior lighting; building optical through lighting, indoor local lighting; green landscape lighting, billboard; medical, cultural and other special facilities for lighting; bars, discos, etc. entertainment atmosphere, lighting, etc., with the continuous development of LED technology, I believe that one day could replace the traditional projection lamp.

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