About Boslin

The career of Boslin is our faith. It is not only the pride for the past glories, but also a desire to carry it on and an ambition to build the future. The common faith pulsing in thousands of Boslin people has been passed down in our perseverance, from past to future. More than ten years of painstaking efforts have forged today’s Boslin, which has four major industries, the LED research, manufacture, assembling and selling industries. Every person regarding Boslin as his faith is ordinary yet powerful, just like the wave, unceasingly surging forward in the sea…

We like new ventures and challenges. Our step never stops on our way to a new chapter of glory. LED, as a novel lighting technology illuminating the future, has completed reformed the traditional lighting industry and draws the attention of the entire world. LED lighting industry is not only a commitment, but also an opportunity for Boslin people. Leading the green lighting industry, discovering a harmonious way of making fortune, and creating the famous brand Simao of green lighting industry----we are dedicated to do something exciting and meaningful. We Boslin people who have been pursuing excellence will use our keen insights and extraordinary innovation to create our professional team, research and develop new products, build a special profit distribution system, construct a global market system, and lead the world trend in LED technology. While building up our high-profile career, we also contribute to China’s green lighting industry and energy-saving industry in environment protection, which makes the life of our Boslin people more meaningful and worthy!

Every enterprise has its own view, outlook and culture. The enterprise culture is a kind of habit---a habit of thinking and working. I hope that all Boslin people can adhere to our culture and habit which are forged through a long time: under a fair environment, you will get returns when you contribute. It is the simplest theory. To forge a habit is not our ultimate purpose. The value of it lies in its power of transforming the essence of our culture into Boslin people’s nutrition needed in their growth. We hope that, some time in the future, we can proudly appreciate our career and life created in our own hands!

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