About Boslin

After the great development of electronic industry and information industry, we have ushered in the third prospective industry in 21 century’s economic development----the semiconductor lighting industry. LED, with its three outstanding features---high efficiency and energy saving, green and environment friendly, long service life, is now standing at the frontier of high energy consumption 21 century, declaring that the third reform in lighting has come!

Dreams create possibilities. Through many years of development, Boslin has formed three core industries, the optoelectronic industry, the hardware industry and the gas burning appliance industry. In addition, built upon semiconductor lighting application research institute, semiconductor technology center, 8 major business departments, global marketing center, Boslin has an industrialized system uniting manufacture, study, research, and sales together. Based on the increasing market needs, we constantly promote series products of high power LED lighting, all kinds of indoor LED lighting, solar LED lighting. We have a big market share both at home and abroad, and we have proved to our customers that during the last 8 years of development, Boslin’s products can be found everywhere in the world, and our quality and status in the field have been  fully acknowledged!

Brand is vital to future development. Under the global environment of fierce competition, a good reputation is helpful in building up strategic alliances. With the great help of national policies, how to transform from technology orientation to brand orientation, and get more profit from our brand is the key to our future development. Through multiple publicity ways, we will go on establishing Boslin’s brand image. Also, we will push the brand development, brand management, and enterprise marketing strategies of Boslin LED lighting products forward;combining the innate advantages of Boslin and our efforts together, Boslin will be a brilliant star in the field and leading its trend!

Located in Shenzhen, yet aiming at the whole country and the entire world, by our first class management team, advanced research, financial strength and great reputation in the field, we are dedicated to build Boslin as the first brand in green lighting and optoelectronic industry in the flourishing development of this industry and the enormous market opportunities throughout the whole world!

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