The advantages of semiconductor and application of LED

LED lighting with energy efficient, low-carbon environment, small size, high strength, low-voltage drive, etc., with modern high-tech production technology, control technology, to make up for the traditional lighting of the deficiencies, become a suitable any occasion and the environment, versatile lighting products, making the LED at the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games and other major event in the eyes of the world shine and become an important part of each event. LED lighting in the outdoor night lighting has become the mainstream lighting products to replace most of the traditional light sources, LED lighting in the outdoor landscape with the use of a broader prospect. Landscape lighting designer during the design, with a greater creative space to make the design work more artistic shocking. Secondary package LED landscape lighting designer is a source of inspiration.

LED lighting products in the course of water has been the largest, fatal problem, LED lamps used in life was largely constrained by water issues. Successful resolution of LED lamps LED lamps can Waterproofing life and stability of effective protection.

Secondary package LED, is the LED package after the first drive or control circuit with electronic circuits in the completion of welding, sealing the body in the polymer package, to water, dust, and protection. It's protection level to IP68, can be underwater, underground and other harsh environments. To FV-0 flammability level, oxygen index ≥ 28% of the highest fire rating, so that the second package from the LED lamps to extinguish the fire, security, superior performance. Using UV resistant packaging material, so that the second package LED outdoor use for 10 years does not own crack. The popular ultra-thin, transparent design, suitable for more occasions, the day after the installation of the building is very small effects, if the installation is reasonable, even as a decoration during the day, giving the building has artistic effect. Secondary package LED LED lighting products do not have the traditional advantages, making the lighting designer in the design of landscape lighting in the underwater, underground, any part of the building fabric lamp design, which the designer's imagination can enjoy the play, inspiration to interpretation, generous work of landscape lighting can be achieved.

LED production process of semiconductor products can be brought to the LED following advantages:

(1) product quality and consistency: the secondary packaging process lines are used numerically controlled equipment, to solve the waterproofing treatment done manually filling plastic products arising from poor quality, consistency and short product life issues, modernization of production equipment, enhance the production of quality while ensuring the consistency of lighting.

(2) lighting products and high water: by the Shanghai Quality Supervision, Inspection Technology Research Institute, the National Electric Light Source Quality Inspection Center, the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center lamps, Yong LED light source system of semiconductor electrical protection class IP68 (protection of the highest level, underwater light levels).

(3) high stability of the lamp: Solving the LED lamp in the process of outdoor lighting as a result of damage and water quality problems, the LED to achieve the stable operation of large-scale projects a powerful guarantee.

LED package can be used for secondary primarily the following aspects:

(1) used in squares, parks, G

Because the second package protection level to the highest LED IP68, can be used for underground, underwater and other harsh environment, are widely used in squares, parks, rivers and other places of landscape lights. Wuhan, beach parks, such as glass and display lighting, landscape Plaza, West Plaza, Hangzhou, with lights, lawn Ordos style lighting, lighting Zhuji Puyang river. Lighting designers in the design of plazas, parks, rivers and other places lighting, you can use this feature LED second package to change the traditional limitations of the landscape lighting design, creative landscape lighting works better.

(2) applied to the bridge lighting

LED light source for the second package outline thin, transparent material, small size, light weight, soft characteristics of cable, when used in the bridge, with the traditional LED digital tube LED light source and traditional than not effects of damage to the bridge during the day, very suitable for installation and maintenance such as bridges more difficult environment. Such as: Qingdao kuh Bridge, Shaoxing often Jubilee Bridge, Nantong Yi Bridge.

(3) applies to floor, and the elevation of the body contour wall

Past wall lighting is a difficult to solve lighting design issues, the second advent of LED package, completely solve this problem, install a flexible, waterproof, safe energy, is the best curtain wall installation of lighting nodes. Using computer control, designed to display the form of advertising, either as part of landscape lighting exterior wall can also be used as an advertising display.

(4) applied to the Ferris wheel

Closed secondary package LED flame retardant insulation and it makes a high security requirements in place a number of applications, such as the use of the Ferris wheel.

(5) for indoor and decorative lighting dark trough

In the exhibition hall, bar indoor fountains, hotels and other places to use the dark slot.

(6) used in logos, signs

Outdoor logo, signs, neon lights with LED instead of the traditional, but the issue became waterproof LED logos, signs a major quality factors, the second package LED completely solved the problem because of water problems affect the quality and life, so it is a large number of used in logos, signs industry. Application of the second package of products are waterproof LED module section, the second LED light source package.

(7) applied to large-scale outdoor advertising display

Computerized control system and LED light source of semiconductor to produce high precision large advertising displays, because of its higher cost, more and more advertising companies and advertising baking customer recognition. The display can play videos or CF card, text ads, also connected with the computer and play a variety of real-time video transmission.

Secondary package LED, can be used directly as lamps, can also be a special LED lamp are widely used as an internal light source, such as landscape sculpture, light, art modeling light, the bridge artistic light source, the special shape of LED lighting fixtures in the development process of housing production water protection requirements to a minimum, also make a special shape of the lamp stability is guaranteed. The advent of semiconductor LED, LED into a all-weather, all-round use of lighting products.

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