Boslin LED bulb advantage

1, using scientific and rational with optical technology, the LED light source extended to the surface light source, increasing the light-emitting surface, eliminate glare, sublimation visual effects; spectrum of pure, no flash, soft light, eliminates the traditional strobe light-induced visual fatigue.

2, an integrated lens and lampshade design, along with the concentrator and the protective effect, high luminous efficiency and avoid wasteful duplication of light; various color temperature optional. High color rendering index, color is good.

3, the use of self-development and production of constant-current drive, radiator and lamp holder integration of design, high efficiency, low in calories, high precision constant current.

4, high quality and reliable light source, LED life of 500,000 hours, is 50 times more than traditional incandescent light than conventional incandescent 80%, the same power 10 times brighter than incandescent lamps.

5, wide voltage range of the globe. 80V ~ 240VAC full voltage range constant, to ensure life and brightness from voltage fluctuations.

6, Universal standard bases, can directly replace existing halogen, incandescent, fluorescent

(1) 7-watt LED bulb compared with the 100 watt incandescent

Power: the use of six highly CREEMX6, power is only 7 watts, the Department of cold light source, low heat, electricity - light conversion efficiency. Relatively 100W incandescent, saving up to 93%. 100W fluorescent tubes, power: 100W (first-generation light source), electro-optical conversion rate. Light utilization.

Light effect: an average of 90 lumens / watt, cool white, up to 630 lumens, high efficiency. Color temperature can choose. Led daylight tube was significantly higher than the traditional incandescent light. 8-10 lm / W, 100W watt incandescent lamp up to 900 lumens, but the useless loss of about 40% of light, the effective use of: 600 lumens or so.

Life: LED life is 50,000 hours theory, our 7-watt LED bulb uses high-quality power supply, import LED, can guarantee 30,000 hours life. Incandescent lamp life is 2000 hours or less, the light fades fast.

Maintenance costs: 30,000 hours without maintenance. To avoid the pain of frequent lamp replacement. Requires frequent maintenance, often for light, increased maintenance costs.

CRI: CRI up to 75%. True to the goods and decorative effect, protect eyesight. Achieve the desired lighting effect. Color rendering index is low, generally only 30-40%, while only 45% of the best incandescent lighting effect is not very satisfactory.

Green: Our LED bulbs work, no UV, no radiation. Flicker-free, you can instantly start. Incandescent work, will produce ultraviolet light, a small amount of radiation. Will produce harmful gases.

Functions and features: This product is cold light source, start fast, stable performance. Can indirectly reduce the air-conditioner electricity when working with ordinary incandescent light flashes. The light fades fast, the fragile products.

After-sales service: Boslin photoelectric LED Bulb products, once sold, we are committed to 2-year warranty is basically no service.

The use of cost comparison: (conditions: a light day, 12 hours, 1 year work) 7 watts * 12 hours / day * 365 days = 30.6 kW / (ie, 30.6 kWh .100 W * 12 hours / day * 365 days = 438 kW / (ie, 438 kWh).

Electricity to 1 yuan / kWh, the cost is only 30.6 yuan with, compared to 100 watt incandescent lamp, a year can save electricity cost: 408 yuan / electricity to 1 yuan / kWh, with the cost of 438 yuan, and to be replaced 1-2 times incandescent.

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