LED lighting products to create the world's vane design and application

By the LED industry's leading research institutions - Engineering LED powerful build the world's highest specifications of the LED Exhibition, 29-31 August 2011 will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Center staged gorgeous. Held in conjunction with the summit of G20-LED and the first meeting of the Eighth Engineering LED Industry Forum will bring together the world's leading LED lighting manufacturer and well-known leadership experts, bringing dozens of round tables and thematic reports.

Chinese leaders gathered swordfight

LED industry in full swing, however, patent infringement, lack of standards, personnel shortages, product homogeneity, market competition to highlight the growing disorder and other issues.

August 29, 2011, the global LED lighting industry looking forward to "G20-LED summit," the first meeting will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Center. "G20-LED Summit" (G20 LED Summit), is an international high-end industry roundtable, the global LED industry leader in all segments of the market system is a form of invitation to membership.

"G20-LED Summit" aims to become the global LED industry for high-level platform for dialogue between the participating member companies through the development of LED industry challenges and opportunities, and by leading companies to take the lead role in guiding and promoting the chain The win-win development between enterprises in various fields and promote the introduction of central and local governments to support more favorable favorable industrial policies and regulations, power industry, healthy, orderly and healthy development.

"G20-LED Summit" sponsored by the Engineering LED. During the past year, the senior engineer LED CEO Dr. Zhang Xiaofei LED visited many of the world famous enterprises, and with cities and local governments to hold "G20-LED Summit" to reach a consensus.

"G20-LED summit," the first meeting of the members of the business, including Veeco, Philips Lumileds, SAMSUNG LED, Intematix, Concord photovoltaic, solar lighting, bright Austria, Inventronics, Ruifeng power LED industry chain, such as 20 world-renowned companies .

Attend climate summit will be organized (THE CLIMATE GROUP), National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association, the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, Zhejiang Association of Lighting Industry, Lighting Association, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province, Lighting Association, the Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Project Provincial research Innovation Alliance, LED Promotion Center, Xiamen, Chongqing, LED lighting R & D and Industrial Union, Xi'an Electronic Technology Industry Development Center, Zhongshan City, semiconductor lighting industry associations and other leading industry organizations and experts. They will serve as the first "G20-LED Summit" Mission distinguished delegates, to participate in the summit to explore issues of communication.

"G20-LED summit," the first meeting will focus on: 1, policies (such as financial subsidies, on the middle and lower reaches of the policy differences, etc.); 2, the investment (such as overheated investment, excess capacity, etc.); 3 patents (such as patent battle to authorize cooperation); 4, the standard (such as standards harmonization, product interchangeability, etc.); 5 people (such as training and protection, industry, poaching, etc.); 6, the market (such as the order of competition in the industry, EMC mode; ) a total of six main topics in-depth discussion and reached some consensus.

In the day after the summit, the summit organizing committee will hold "G20-LED conference and summit communique will meet the media" to the industry and the media industry summit communique released. From PR Newswire, Xinhua News Agency, China Business News, China Securities Journal, Shanghai Securities News, Securities Times, "Finance" magazine, "Zhejiang" magazine and other well-known media correspondents will attend the summit will meet the media.

LED lighting products to create the world's vane

As technology advances and costs decline, LED lighting, large-scale commercial application is entering the era, however, mixed industrial enterprises, poor quality LED lighting products flooding the market, to some extent, dealt a blow to market confidence. What kind of high-quality LED lighting products? LED lighting design trends and where?

The industry expect 2011 Engineering LED Exhibition will be held August 30-31 at the Shanghai International Convention Center. Exhibition will be invited to the best of 50 domestic and foreign manufacturers display their most proud of core products, like a fine exhibition exhibition, the viewer and the author of the author's mood softly, buy a home should be linked to where and how to save and value; same applies a fashion show, designer fashion supermodel on the same stage interpretation of future trends, such as a name or show, the concept car will lead the future direction.

Exhibition is a senior engineer, senior engineer LED effort to build the world's most sophisticated LED Lighting Fair, Exhibition to exhibitors and visitors invited to the system, strictly control the quality of exhibitors and visitors. During the exhibition space is also exclusive for ad hoc communication and cooperation.

From Veeco, OSRAM, Philips Lumileds, Samsung LED, Intematix, Rohm Semiconductor, Concord optoelectronics, solar lighting, Han's Laser, Ruifeng power, Austria's bright, together for the industry, Hangzhou Branch optoelectronics, Delong laser, for optoelectronics, Inventronics, the dragon and transportation across the LED on the middle and lower reaches and end-use applications such as the whole industry chain of 50 world leader in the collective appearance of this fine exhibition. Exhibition will bring together the world's latest LED lighting technology and products, leading global LED lighting product design and application of new trends.

LED lighting market trend towards globalization of competition and cooperation?

Broad market prospects of LED lighting has attracted nearly all the world's industrial giant LED and traditional lighting LED lighting industry in China, while China has a large number of LED lighting products exported to international market, LED lighting industry has entered the era of global competition.

Eighth Engineering LED Exhibition Industry Forum will be held over the same period the Shanghai International Convention Center. Bounded from around the world experts in the field of LED and lighting will be an exciting topic published over 46 reports. Conference topics and forums, including the two round tables, four thematic chapters, two thematic conferences and round tables will focus on global LED lighting industry trends, market competition and cooperation strategies, how to accelerate the LED lighting and other popular topics discussed and shared. Four thematic chapters, respectively, from the LED lighting technology, drive and control, LED lighting and engineering design applications, test and evaluation, etc. to analyze issues.


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