Simao introduced two LED underwater lights

Product details

1. LED underwater light is an LED as the light source, red, green and blue mixed color change is a fountain underwater lighting, theme parks, exhibition, commercial and artistic lighting perfect. In order to better heat dissipation LED underwater lights, the proposal should be placed below the surface of the light used.

(2) In order to achieve good LED underwater lights waterproof effect, LED underwater lights to IP67 protective effect should be more than lamp can be placed 5 meters away from the surface. Best cast light angle is 25. Controller to achieve synchronization results, and access to DMX controlled units, each unit set up a separate address, red, green and blue respectively, by 3 DMX chann                                                                               

els corresponding composition. There are two kinds of external control and internal control, internal control without an external controller can be built a variety of changes in modes (up to six kinds), the outer configuration control will have to be outside the control of the controller to achieve the color change, the current market the application is outside the control of the majority.

3. LED underwater lights with the best super bright LED as light source, light bulbs to light 100,000 hours. Each underwater light from the light source composed of 360 (120 red, 120 blue, 120 green). Good source material to make a longer lamp life, and obtain the most satisfactory lighting effects.

4. LED underwater light with a five-core line and the control system connected to the whole of a system consists of a DMX controller, a power distribution box and the lamp can be placed in the water and distribution. The perfect combination lamps.

5. LED underwater light with an active clamp, adjustable cast light angle position. The perfect lighting design, to effectively prevent the erosion of bromine and chlorine



a) Super-clase high power LED which is encapsulated by high efficiency and latest heat disipation structure.
b) First-class stainless steel(316) or bronzeAB2 shell has excellent corrosion-proof, makes the light to use in sea water freely.
c) High luminous efficiency, life-span reachs 50,000 hours.d) Built-in or external constant current driver.
e) Overtemperature automatic protection function. When environment temperature is more than 45 degree celsius or the voltage is above 30V, the output current of built-in constant current driver will be shutdown in order to protect the LED without damage, and when environment temperature and voltage is normal, the lamp also work normal.f) Professional waterproof design and prevent seawater wires.
g) Waterproof(IP68), Shake-proof, Energy-saving, Environment-friendly. 
h) Easy to installation.



LED high power underwater light is a high-power LED as light source,the red,green,and blue mixed color change is a spray pool underwater lighting,theme parks,exhibition,bussiness and art lighting.



               5W LED Underwater light                                                                    3W LED Underwater light

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