LED lighting is the trend, still can not replace traditional lighting analysis
LED as a new type of light source, energy saving, long life, clean and be everyone's attention. In particular, the use of a large number of successful Olympics, China LED technology, the effect is extraordinary, local governments have to support the LED industry, the establishment of a large number of LED demonstration unit at the same time, a large number of companies involved in the field, and even started to do the battery, BYD automobile fame Company again raised the slogan of the world's first LED.

LED boom really entered it?

I personally think that this is a direction unknown spared from war period.

In human history, no lighting from the LED so as not ripe to be high hopes, but the slow development, but also LED products too conceptual, the lack of customer base. Even now the government is trying to support a breakthrough in LED lights for the growth of the LED, LED can be either civil or commercial customer base is still not formed. At this time there is a danger signal: LED manufacturers have to reduce costs as the top priority! Many companies will be bigger and the LED current to maintain the brightness in the same circumstances to reduce the number of wick to save cost, PCB size or compression, or Safety devices such as the reduction method, of course, we have to believe that China's cost-cutting companies in the natural advantages. Leaving aside the issue of product safety to do so for the impact on the industries concerned, LED in the case has not yet entered the market price reshuffle of the situation, which is detrimental to the whole industry, the bulk of the funds went into exacerbate the decline of small and medium enterprises.

This is a dangerous situation, on the one hand the development of LED technology will be stagnation and even degradation, on the other hand the cost of compression, or cost too much attention can not guarantee the final product characteristics, will not show a large extent on the LED advantage. So I venture that this time the LED industry in the wrong direction.

Now the LED industry in order to open the civilian market, mostly the LED lamps designed to be replaced, that is a direct replacement of existing fixtures. However, in light of the development process, in addition to directly replace the incandescent lamp compact outside, with little direct substitution patterns, such as T8, fluorescent ceiling is almost the patent, and chandelier is still dominated by incandescent light, LED why must replace the road go?

Replace existing lighting What are the disadvantages of this design approach?

1 heat

Poor thermal LED's is well known, the problem will inevitably bring wick life. The design of the existing LED lamps are often difficult to achieve the required heat, cooling requirements in a very demanding field, but with very poor passive cooling, but mostly air-cooled, air-cooled or even closed. Like some of the lamps in the driver board and aluminum heat sink to increase the plastic casing in order to increase the reliability of insulation, silicone heat sink needed to improve heat dissipation. The T8 lamp tube is closed, the wick can only rely on air convection heat transfer to the tube on the back of the cooling tubes. General type of light will have an internal temperature of seventy to eighty degrees. If taking into account the heat and the weight is the problem; balance weight, heat is difficult to ensure that the existing design is the dilemma of choice, yet there is no feasible standard.

2 Life

LED wick life with increasing temperature and decreased exponentially; electrolytic capacitor temperature is increased by ten degrees lower life expectancy by half; MOS temperature, the resistance increases, loss increases, the temperature will rise (constant current mode), the final burning . Of course, the domestic manufacturers did not give the life of LED lamps, LED information is only mentioned when the wick life 100,000 hours, but the life of the LED driver board in the system bottlenecks often LED wick is not broken, the system drive has hung up.

In addition, LED light is a very serious decline, so the lamp life should also consider the visual experience, is how long the lamp brightness reduced to the extent of the dark visual feel, that life to, the customer will consider replacing the lighting, This life is not to give out vendor (or no way to give), but it is very important.

Another is to say, most of the existing LED home lighting limited by the size, protection is difficult to do well in the voltage fluctuations, interference with a serious area, the existing low-power design is a test.

The most important thing is, LED life and life is proportional to the company, if the publicity 10 years of LED lamps for 2 years and it broke, and six months ago that the company has closed down, the user whether to take the risk?

3 Weight

Spiral lamps in the class interface, LED fluorescent light weight of only one number, because there is no problem of the heat sink, the weight of the fluorescent lamp is negligible, but the weight of the LED lamp is a very serious test, especially the spiral interfaces 7.8W LED lights, its weight is very dangerous, which is what businesses have considered?

4 prices

LED driver board in the general temperature of 70 degrees may life only 5 years (domestic), far from the 10-year LED wick "concept." So compared to the same brightness of fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, even the life of one year only, 1W1 fluorescent element is much more than 1W10 is much more cost-effective element of the LED. LED lamps are often damaged, especially the wick is not broke, have to replace the whole lamp. Calculate because of one-tenth of the driver board have to discard the remaining nine-tenths of the lamp (wick and the heat sink accounted for most of the cost of the lamp), if every company did not do a good job recycling, the customer will not like this product.

5 Efficiency

Some people may wonder, LED energy-saving products, and why to consider the efficiency problem? I mention here two points, one PF value, one is the system efficiency. Because most of the existing LED design are low power, cost pressures are used by passive PFC (valley-fill), PF may be up to 90, far less than 99 active PFC efficiency at every turn, the countries with the LED to replace the luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamps is very close to the pressure.

As the existing design of LED lighting (except street lights outside) the majority are low-power, such as 4.8W, 7.2W, etc., the loss of the device accounted for a large proportion of the inevitable isolation is very low, in order to improve efficiency The use of non-isolated manner not only to do good in the security design, and efficiency was only 80 or so, far from ideal. Also, the existing LED manufacturers of LED illumination in the end do much, do not provide an accurate value, often far less than the nominal value of brightness.
can not replace traditional light

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