LED lighting design of a few key tips

The secret of long life LED lamps

In recent years, LED light source as a new energy-saving win in the global and China had a high enthusiasm and great attention to the investment by the outdoor to indoor lighting applications market penetration, China has emerged tens of thousands of LED lighting, large and small businesses. LED lighting shine to the most important reason is the spread of energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, easy to control, maintenance-free characteristics, including longevity noodles is the most prominent feature of the general LED light life of up to 5-10 ten thousand hours, but the real problem is the LED light is not longevity. Why is there such a problem? Is there any way to solve this problem? Please pay attention to this.

The reasons for long-life LED light

Why LED's life long? It led from the start with a light-emitting principle. LED, the light-emitting diodes. Is a solid semiconductor light-emitting device. It is the use of solid semiconductor chip as luminescent materials. When the ends with a positive voltage, direct issuing of red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, white light. Many changes: LED light source LED can be used through a short short and red, green and blue color theory, under the control of the computer technology to achieve multi-color and pattern changes, is a free control of the "dynamic light sources."

Incandescent light-emitting mechanism of energy for heating and light-emitting tungsten light, after a fairly long period of heating, tungsten will be aging and even blows, now, the life of incandescent bulbs and it has ended, while the light-emitting diode light-emitting mechanism composition by a special diode structure determined mainly by the PN junction diode chip, the electrode and the optical system, when coupled with a positive bias on the electrode after the electrons and holes were injected into the P and N region, when a non- equilibrium minority carrier and majority carrier recombination, the photons will be in the form of the excess energy into light energy. The luminescence process involves three parts: the forward bias carrier injection, recombination radiation and energy transfer.

Thus the diode depends mainly on the carrier continues to move and light, there is the phenomenon of aging and blown, so the LED light life can be very long.

Real problem: LED lights do not live longer

Although LED lighting with energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, easy to control, maintenance, etc., but ironically, we often heard as the life of the LED drive power itself directly drag LED lighting becomes not "longevity" greatly increased maintenance / use costs; or drive power is not efficient LED lighting leading to the energy efficiency of conversion ratio is not imagined so high, or because the output current ripple is not well controlled and the impact of light quality, making advantage of green energy-saving LED lighting greatly reduced, and even affect the market penetration.

How to predict LED life?

All things have occurred, development and demise of the process, although compared to the general light-emitting devices, LED's life span is relatively long, but also have a certain life. Early LED only flashlights such gifts, with not a long time, life issue is not prominent. But now LED has been widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting being, especially in high-power LED street lamp, its power, high fever, long working hours, life is very prominent problem. Theoretically 10 million hours of life, but in fact it is not conceivable, then in the end the problem lie?

If we do not consider the power and drive failure, LED lifetime performance of its lumen, which is a long time, more and more light on the dark until the last out. Attenuation is usually defined as 30% of the time of its life. Then the LED's life can not predict it?

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