LED dimming lighting some of the anti-static knowledge (1)

First, why should raise awareness of ESD protection

70 in the previous generation of this century ago, a lot of static electricity problems are because people do not cause static electricity protection awareness, even if there are a lot of people would suspect ESD damage of electronic products. This is because most of the electrostatic discharge damage occurred in the human sense of the following, because the perception of the human body electrostatic discharge voltage of about 3KV, and many electronic components in the hundreds or even tens of volts volts will damage electronic components by electrostatic discharge is usually damaged no clear boundaries, the components installed on the device later, and the results a lot of problems, analysis very difficult. In particular, the potential damage, even if it is difficult to use precision instruments to measure its performance significantly change. But in recent years, experiments confirmed that this potential damage after a certain time, the reliability of electronic products decreased. This type of damage is absolutely and true.

Second, electrostatic damage to electronic products which form?

The basic physical properties of static electricity: to attract or repel, and the earth potential difference, will have a discharge current. These three features can have three effects on the electronic components:

① dust electrostatic adsorption, and component insulation resistance (shorter life).

② electrostatic discharge damage and the damaged component can not work (completely destroyed).

③ electrostatic discharge heat generated by electric field or current, the component injuries (potential damage).

First ③ more common case, it is difficult to be identified.

Third, the electrostatic damage to electronic products so special?

(1) hidden

Human perception of static unless there is no direct electrostatic discharge, but the occurrence of electrostatic discharge shock the body does not necessarily have the feeling, because the human perception of static discharge voltage of 2-3KV, so static covert.

(2) potential

Some electronic components from electrostatic damage after no significant decline in performance, but many cumulative discharge device and the formation of internal injuries caused by hazards. Therefore, damage to the device with electrostatic potential.

(3) random

The generation of static electricity is also random. The damage is random.

(4) the complexity of

Failure Analysis of electrostatic discharge damage to work fine for electronic products, small, minor structural features and time-consuming, cumbersome, expensive, demanding and often require the use of technology, scanning electron microscopy high-precision instruments. Even so, some of the phenomenon of static electricity damage and other causes is difficult to distinguish between damage, people mistake as a failure of electrostatic damage to other failure.

This is for static discharge is not fully aware of before, is often attributed to early failure or the failure is unknown, and thus unconsciously conceal the real cause of failure. Electrostatic damage to electronic devices so the analysis is complex.

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