LED dimming lighting some of the anti-static knowledge (2)

Fourth, how to control electrostatic discharge

From the above analysis is due to static objects in contact with the separation, did not even have contact with the sensor, etc., and can say: at any time, any place could generate static electricity. Almost impossible to completely eliminate static electricity, but can take some measures to control static electricity does not cause harm.

Fifth, how to control the human body electrostatic discharge (ESD human body)

The human body is the most common source of static electricity hazards. For the static, the human body is a conductor, so it can be grounded on the human body to take measures.

(1). Use anti-static ground / anti-static shoes / socks (static conductivity from the feet to the earth)

By wearing anti-static nature of the ground, floor mats, carpets, personnel wearing anti-static footwear, form a combination of ground.

(2). Antistatic wrist strap and grounding (static conductivity to earth from the hand)

The human body through the hand to discharge static electricity. It consists of anti-static strap, activities, snaps, spring cord. Protection resistor and plug or chuck components. The inner elastic anti-static yarn weaving, knitting yarn, outer layer of ordinary.

6, anti-static wrist strap shoes with the use of human security issues

Only from the perspective of anti-static, the body's overall resistance to ground as small as possible, but the minimum subject to security restrictions, the body must have a certain value of resistance to ground, so that in case of equipment or devices with metal-frequency power the case of short to limit the flow through the resistance of the body on the operating current. Minimum of not less than 105Ω, the maximum does not exceed 109Ω.

7, anti-static wrist strap shoes with the use of what issues should pay attention to?

⑴, use the wrist strap does not allow disconnected operation, otherwise it will lose ground effect. The main use of wristbands is open, sometimes temporary, sometimes for a long time off, so that loss of ground effect.

⑵, Debu buckle strap and wrist strap tight skin caused by contact resistance larger

⑶, the resistance is some wrist tape itself, when touched with a greatly reduced resistance to ground, there may therefore result in the risk of electric shock on the human body.

⑷, some claiming to be wireless wristband, the effect is far better than wired.

⑸, anti-static shoes should wear anti-static socks / insoles, and anti-static ground work to make the human body static electricity lead to the earth, any part of the resistance is too large or disconnect will bring harm to the human body of static electricity. So in important sectors should be readily detected human body resistance tester wore shoes / socks / insole and the total resistance of the human body is able to play a static leakage requirements.

⑹ wrist band socket application-specific ground wire and ground connection, desktop or table can not be caught in a metal body, because the resistance of the metal body may be a lot of ground.

⑺ should always check the resistance of the strap

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