LED street light development

The continuous development and progress of society today, many household items and appliances start to want more and more artificial intelligence, human-functioning product, the leading provider of electrical improve on the market, touch phones, laptops, etc.. LED products for the emerging industries is, of course, not far behind, using a variety of human intelligent design in the interior of the power LED street lamps, electronic ballasts, lamps pilot tunnel related products.

LED intelligent lighting control system for centralized monitoring and control. Depending on your needs increase by dimming the LED lights, garden lights, saving up to 20% and 30% of the life of the lamp-divided. The advantage is an independent store predefined information for the control of the individual phases in case of power failure can be immediately detected and the point of failure and to sacrifice quality to make the mistake of saving troubleshooting, to save resources and time.

To bridge into the river, with a brighter light and shadow performance and historical results, a complete set of high-tech systems design and intelligent control of the bridge replacement programs for lighting, bridges, or lively or brilliant or exciting or calm rich Effect of bridge scene changes to better interact and merge with the cosmos aquatic person to write a terrific CLS movement.

Bridge system LED light using the TCP / IP protocol, and after the transmission of optimized signal so that the connected device in the LED lighting system consisting increasingly from compounds long distance, the Transmission Control Protocol control the quality and reliability The LED lighting system is higher, bidirectional communications and control, remote monitoring equipment enables more effective, so that the LED lighting control system is stable landscape. The main function of the LED system can be achieved:

1) 100 brightness levels, 16 gray levels, the loss of brightness;

2) shows the frequency to 85 Hz;

3) RGB color settings 256 independent settings;

The depth of the screen 4) of 1024;

5) detection of white on each controller in the system, the input signal interface (Indicators report acknowledges);

6) help the user to configure the screen body;

To support 7) Power AC110 ~ 220V DC 24V fight ;) remote serial communications. LED lighting intelligent control, to be completed by the time control consistency, the individual signals of the feed system to transform registers the quality of the plurality of LED animation. Intelligent command and control applications scenarios LED off road Ting Kai Yuan.

The bridge lighting macro is divided into several scenes with scenes of the main holiday season Scenes general holiday.

Open 1) Note that the usual, just the top of the wall lamp outside the railings and railing lights the railing of the porch light for street lighting grid scales for 15cd/mz lOOlx.

2) Holiday, the lighting of the bridge include abdominal side ramps l5cd/m2 light tower with LED lamp, the brightness of the lOcd/m2.

3) the long holidays, when all the lights on, railing outside the arrow to l5cd/m2 brightness LED lamps, lOcd/m2 brightness, light belly bridge is 2501x.

Mature with the development of technologies and markets, the LED products of artificial intelligence is imperative that science and sophisticated technology, the basic protection of the healthy development of the LED industry, has become the constant-voltage constant-current integration of modular products for mainstream products, the gradual increase the effectiveness of intelligent control.

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