Optimize the design to improve the life of the LED light
LED market analysis data show that in 2011 the value of the global LED reached $ 16.6 billion in the industry is still expanding. The entire product system, over 60% of cases of market failure and more than 70% of rework due to failure of the device, but most companies have failed to adopt systematic methods of electronic engineering to solve reliability, what are the quality of the products is not high that life is not long. Lighting industry in China has been the price and other factors, is clearly not sufficient to prolong the life of the product design. In this perspective, we can predict that in the development process of the LED industry, such as to evaluate and improve the life of LED products is the subject of a new cycle to be.
Life as an important indicator of the

Reliability engineering, testing, evaluation and improvement of product reliability can be increased by more than 10 times.

The lifespan of LED products, including factors such as quality and reliability of products, product reliability, which is an essential element that the life of the product is affected. Reliability refers to the ability to complete the required functionality under the specified conditions and the product term. Result of poor product quality and reliability of the main reasons for the low level of design, lack of experience in hardware implementations, lack of reliability of electronic systems engineering methods and other factors. Practice has proved that the use of appropriate techniques of reliability engineering to test the product, evaluate and improve reliability of products from more than 10 times can be increased, thus increasing the lifetime of the product.

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