LED lighting hot, someone why not buy

Prices are falling in the bottom of the situation

It is assumed that the past year to go because of lower prices for LED chip, so that the LED lights 30% heavier, the current average price of $ 30-100. The first seven months of this year, the city's new LED lamp as a light source of export 9.1532 million units (sets), the value of $ 59,439,400, the author at a rough estimate, each (sets) of about $ 6 , 4 which is about 40 yuan, slightly higher than the lowest price in the industry.

This production shines with Japan, the United States and other firms in product prices is wide. Insiders pointed out that the LED lamps are expected 2010 market price of about $ 40 in 2011, down significantly to about $ 15. Japan's five traditional lighting manufacturers, Sharp, Toshiba, the price of LED lighting products introduced in June 2011 reached the minimum retail sales $ 18. The price level is about three times the price of LED lights of the city.

Homogenization of the competition, the profit squeeze thin

"Resolved, that the chip is the most central part of the price of LED lights, the cost of LED lighting for at least 1/3 is represented. Different chips, the price difference." Insiders pointed out that currently the most expensive chip in the United States, followed by Japan and the chip of the chip-chip domestic prices low, followed its heat resistance is also poor.

The analysis found that due to a late start, compared to developed countries in Europe and the United States, the domestic industry in terms of market size and LED technology, there is a considerable gap. The reason is mainly the lack of basic patents, in particular, the thermal equilibrium of the high power white LED's, has always been monopolized by the U.S., Japan to abolish the development of our industry.

In fact, it is also the problem of the LED industry Quanzhou can not be bypassed. LED-chain companies in the industry in Quanzhou is distributed mainly in the middle and bottom of the case, and application, often dismissed in the upper portions of the substrate wafer, the chip. The latter accounts for about 70% of the profits of the industry, the former represented only 30%.

Quanzhou, the LED industry technology innovation strategic alliance president of the bridge of the yellow water that currently two or three hundred LED company in Quanzhou, Jinjiang a company engaged in chip development and production, in fact, put it simply, there is no innovation and R & D, I would like to give treatment to do low value-added products. Imperfect model of the industrial chain business and the product, and competition between companies, primarily reflected in cheaper vicious competition.

The cooperation in upstream and downstream, breaking the barriers of patent

Quanzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau experts pointed flashlights that Japan and the United States have a core technology in the industry, blocking technology, local businesses have always Ersan get Liu technologies and products, and application of technologies for the production the product is now the risk of someone else's patent infringement claims.

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