LED lighting to help the hotel reduce operating costs

Many employers in the process of operating the hotel will encounter various problems, such as electricity energy consumption, the hotel security. We see that the hotel lighting applications, LED products increased, LED lighting is how to play a role in hotel operations, reduce costs, improve profits, and more visitors?

The energy cost of the hotel

In addition to wages, energy consumption is the highest cost faced by the hotel owner. According to the data of the California market in the United States the project FlexYourPower and carried out by the federal government Energy Star program, said the service industry spent nearly $ 4 billion every year on energy consumption. In addition, the data also show that an ordinary hotel's electricity consumption accounted for 60% to 70% of the overall expenses. Hotel energy audit revealed that, if the minimum of 20% to 30% reduction in overall energy consumption, the hotel will be able to save tens of thousands of expenditures. The hotel 24 hours of its lighting systems to open, if the application of LED light source, the energy saving effect will be very obvious. This should be one of the key factors of the hotel application of LED lighting products.

Hotel security lighting to improve

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the hotel owner must consider the safety of guests. Recent one by the parking intelligent control products manufacturer FederalAPD implementation called "AmericanParkingDecisions investigation shows that the hotel parking security Americans value a security and technical personnel to know such as parking spaces and valuables of the body are the criminals of the attack target. in most of the parking lot, the visual is the key factor in protecting its own security, while ensuring a broad vision of the important factors is the lighting according to RalphWitherspoon, CPP, CSC - Witherspoon, security consulting center data indicate that the outdoor lighting should ensure that drivers and pedestrians at night to see things within the range 75 feet or above and identify about 30 feet to the face. The hotel staff and residents at night and out of the hotel parking lot must be accompanied by efficient lighting, to ensure that they can safely stop or pick up the car. Thus, the appropriate and correct lighting can create a better security and enhanced security awareness.

Maintain the integrity of the building

Today, lighting designers, architects and engineers on indoor lighting and outdoor lighting has a technical choice power. New LED technology enables designers to the extent permitted by the latest "Energy Code to provide high-quality lighting system by installing LED lighting, the hotel to retain integrity in the performance of its own aesthetic effects and facilities, while achieving energy conservation and post-maintenance.

Case in point: Dallas Victory Hotel

Starwood Uk Hotels & Resorts International Group, based on all aspects of their business strategy, environmental management model and the principles of sustainable development combined. Through collaborative hotel owners, franchisees, suppliers and business partners, the Group has been actively reducing the adverse environmental impact brought about by the hotel operator.

Early in the summer of 2010, the group announced - "2020, the company will reduce energy consumption 30 percent and water consumption of 20%. New target covers the entire Group's 1000 Starwood hotels, including hotel owners, management layer and the franchisee.

Group's new environmental goals and determination to reduce the energy consumption of underground parking, likes Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide, Group Director of Engineering BartCornelius Mr. aware of the LED lighting of the hotel investment is worth it. "I am very surprised by the excellent lighting quality, he said excitedly.

LED light
improved the quality not only make the guest feel more secure, and the best interests of the expected annual energy savings of 39%, reduce energy costs by $ 44,000 and 202,808 kWh of energy consumption. In addition, all these initial investment, the LED lighting system can be described as a cost-recovery project is the energy. In its life cycle, it can be economic return through energy savings.

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