The application of LED in television

With the TV manufacturers has introduced new LED TV, people are increasingly looking to the lower energy consumption, more thin body of a new generation of television. According to authorities predict, with the expansion of the scale of the market, LED TV cost will fall further, two years is expected to more than traditional LCD TV, become the mainstream market. Although many consumers are full of interest to LED TV, but for its and the traditional LCD TV difference does not understand.

From the principle on look, liquid crystal display equipment some like street those ads light box, the light source behind after a certain diffusion, even ground illuminate is painted with transparent film of the picture, and transmission out bright screen. LCD panel is like the layer of film, but the screen is become.

The traditional liquid crystal display equipment USES CCFLS (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) as the light source, although the name is very professional, but we understand it for home use fluorescent lamp, but tubes are very thin. Many objects in the colour of under fluorescent has very strange, because the light is not a real sense of light. We had to adapt to the light of the sun by red, orange, yellow, green, violet wait for the blue light of all kinds in certain proportion combination and into. But the light of fluorescent lamp in some color too much emphasis on, some colour is a severe shortage.

The creation, the source of light color box behind is not quite accurate, through liquid crystal board is an image nature also can't overcome congenital deficiency, cause color reduction deviation. This also is liquid crystal displays in the image shows have been hard to let professional users really satisfied with one of the reasons.

The QUALIA005 of TV of a liquid crystal color gamut expanded NTSC standard 105%, basically can reproduce we all observed nature scene. Its core is to replace the CCFL LED backlighting system.

The advantage of technology LED backlighting

The larger color gamut (more than NTSC and EBU color gamut), achieve more gorgeous colour; High brightness, and can in life range realize the stable brightness and color performance; Can adjust the back light white balance, and at the same time ensure that overall the contrast. When the user's video source in computer and DVD player when switching between, can easily in 9600 K and 6500 K adjustment between white balance, brightness and contrast and will not sacrifice; For big size screens can provide continuous surface array light source; Real-time color management. Because the color red, green, blue and independent to shine, and is easy to precise control of the current show color characteristics; Reducing dynamic scene artificial trace, will not sacrifice brightness and life. Because the traditional CCFL tube twinkle light frequency is low, the dynamic performance scene may produce pictures to beat. Flexible LED backlighting can adjust the light frequency, and much more often than CCFL, therefore can perfectly present sports images; Brightness adjusting range. Realize LED power control is easy, not like the minimum brightness CCFL exist a threshold. Therefore, no matter in the bright outdoor or completely black indoor, users are likely to show the brightness of the equipment to the adjustment of the state and pleasing to the eye; Low electromagnetic radiation. LED light source without any rays have, also no mercury and toxic substances, which is a green light source; Using temperature range, low voltage, impact resistance. Because they use solid glowing device, LED back light not fragile parts adaptability to environment is very strong.

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