2012 LED prices will continue to reduce it?

From the current market, the high-voltage LED's cost more than the low-voltage LEDs, but with the use of high-voltage LED lighting products and expansion of production scale, if possible, not necessarily the To my present point of view, the high-voltage LED technology a bit more complex, but after six months or a year, when it becomes a stable market, the yield will increase the costs will come down slowly. Expected that the 2012 second and third quarters, the market will be more stable.

Now the mainstream 0.5W and 1WLED of the price drop faster than the 5-10% decline in fourth quarter of 2011, 2011 full-year decline of nearly 40% to 50%. Is expected that in 2012 this rate will slow down a little, because the high power LED or have a certain threshold and cost, it is estimated that the 2012 full year it prices will fall 20-30%.

LED costs with silicon carbide substrate cost is much higher than the sapphire substrate, luminous efficiency of the silicon carbide substrate and the epitaxial growth of quality is better. The sub-opaque and opaque two types of silicon carbide materials, such as opaque silicon carbide substrate cost, rather than the transmittance of silicon carbide with silicon material, must be done after the epitaxial substrate conversion , the substrate conversion process will be related to another process, yields that there are some problems. So we mainly sapphire based materials, the technology has developed quite long and very mature.

As for when the LED bulb that really uplink, next year should be a rather special point in time. Many forecasts in 2013 or 2014 LED lighting will significantly Zeng up, but others say to wait until 2015. However, according to our recent observation, due to supply and demand instability, backlight demand decline, and instability in the U.S. and European markets, the LED price cuts speed is faster, is expected that these factors will stimulate the LED lighting market since the amount in advance. The year's first energy-saving light bulbs, the price is probably around $ 20-30, it is now down to 2-3 dollars. LED light bulbs may go almost a road, LED energy-saving light bulbs have the price dropped to less than $ 20 from the first $ 50 or so. I expect the third or fourth quarter of 2012 and early 2013 at the latest, you can see from the amount of the LED lighting market.

Do a lot of energy-saving lamp manufacturers do LED lamps, but we want to see that the LED lamps price dropped from $ 30 to $ 10, a lot of costs to be compressed, so we are now concerned about is that every dollars to get the number of lumens . " In terms of the light bulb of 800 lumens, 2011 after the completion of our package about an average of $ 200 lumens (the industry average is about 160-180 lumens), the best you can achieve 250 lumens in early 2012 plans to be 300 400 lumens, LED Bulb prices will also fall in line.

As for the price of the LED will not reduce, we will wait and see.

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