LED tubes faced several problems in the application

LED tubes will gradually appear in the interior lighting, but most of the domestic production of LED tubes are for export and domestic use very few. In this issue highlights the many problems. One of the most important is the price, resulting in LED tube, or the main commercial lighting.

    With the support of government policies, the quality of the LED tube products or mixed. A little even the life of fluorescent lamps are not as good, and also LED lighting products a negative impact on the civilian market for LED lighting is not promising.

    This problem, we LEDs summarizes a few questions:

    First drive power constant-current driver. The difference between the current in the LED wick different, improper use and likely to cause the light fades, life greatly reduce short.

    The second heat dissipation problem. LED lights or LED display, heat is a more important issue to solve the problem of heat dissipation problem is now the LED business must face.

    Fourth to the instability of the power module and product safety certification can be passed? LED lighting now China has not issued standard certification requirements, so many things are LED companies to understand and improve.

    V. Structure

    Ordinarily, LED tube called fluorescent then its structure must be fluorescent look like, even the length, thickness are the same, and even called the T10, T8, T5, always the same, there is no what can be discussed. In fact do not. In this regard, the LED tubes take a lot of detours is worth in letters.

    Six. Life (LED junction temperature control)

    We know that the very long life of low-power LED indicator, LED life span of the problem was raised only when the LED as a lighting device. In fact, the life of the LED depends on its junction temperature. As long as the junction temperature is low enough, the LED life of up to 100,000 hours or more is no problem.

    However, due to the luminous efficiency of the LED itself is still relatively low, there are still about 70% of the input power converted to heat energy, heat can not be distributed out of the LED junction temperature will rise, so the life of the LED will decreases.

    Of course there are the most important is the price factor.

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