Analysis LED High Power flood lights

LED floodlights through the built-in micro-chip control, LED floodlights in a small engineering applications can be no controller, to achieve a gradual, transition, color blinking, random blinking and other dynamic effects, but also by DMXcontrol, chase, and scan results. High-power floodlights is a high-power LED light source is composed of three primary colors mixed with the projection of the color change lighting with intelligent controller to achieve synchronization effect can access the console. The user can input data to be programmed control. LED floodlights with the address of the digital tube, LED floodlights built-in fixed procedures, can be realized simultaneously, since the associated function. LED lamps for light, reliable sealing, adjustable light angle of cast position, so that in the best position to achieve the most satisfactory lighting effects.

    LED floodlights color colorful monochrome warm white power more than 36. LED high power floodlight is red, green and blue LED as a hair light an energy-saving floodlights, LED high power floodlight combination of 36 kinds of red, green, and blue LED. LED high power floodlight can produce a variety of colors, color chasing effect used in the building and decoration, light style made ​​of aluminum alloy, completely sealed and reliable waterproof rating of IP65, adjustable light angle of cast to achieve the most satisfied with the lighting effects.

The LED high power floodlight available remote control or indicated by a DMX control buttons, switches, can be achieved through the use of DMX3 channel color chasing effect, and the scene is regulated by the lighting designer.

LED floodlights small power consumption, high brightness, long lamp life, high safety performance, beautiful appearance. Fixed light source LEDs, with a long life of 20-50 times more than conventional discharge bulbs, the advantage in practical applications to avoid the cost of replacing the lamp, not only saves time but also cost savings.

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