LED light bulbs and the difference of the ordinary light bulb
LED light bulbs is an emerging semiconductor light bulbs, ordinary light bulb refers to incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, energy saving light bulbs. As the future lighting source LED lighting bulbs with ordinary light bulb What is the difference?

LED lighting bulbs with ordinary light bulbs (incandescent, halogen energy-saving lamps), the main difference from the light-emitting principle of view, the incandescent halogen energy-saving lamps and ordinary light bulb will convert electrical energy into light energy to heat after excitation into this over waste most of the energy, LED lighting bulb is electrical energy directly converted into light, this process saves most of its energy.

In addition, LED light bulbs, the difference with ordinary light bulbs can also effect differences:

A luminous flux (lumens). Halogen bulbs luminous flux is generally 20LM / W energy-saving light bulbs for general 50-60LM / w LED light bulbs luminous flux is generally 80-110LM / W, which is the amount of light generated by each W lamp a lot of difference, so in order to reflect energy saving effect.

Second, the luminous efficiency (luminous efficiency). Halogen bulb light efficiency is generally around 30% energy-saving light bulbs for about 60%, LED light bulbs, luminous efficiency of up to 90%, which is the embodied energy-saving factors.
It can be seen from the above several differences, LED light bulbs luminous flux is more than double that of the energy-saving light bulbs, about five times more than incandescent bulbs, which means that 50W LED light bulbs is the equivalent of 110W energy-saving light bulbs, 250W halogen bulb . LED light bulbs are more energy efficient than ordinary light bulbs.

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