Landscape Lighting: to build a LED light environment
With the improvement of people's living standard, the concept of modern fashion, landscape lighting is a combination of light and King rhythm. Distribution of light intensity and the natural environment is characterized by each other, between the light hidden - Lu, circumflex, fully reflects the atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture, subtle, beautiful oriental civilization, dialectical relationship between the reproduction of cultural atmosphere, increasing the spatial variation at the same time, the formation of the shift step to change the landscape of special landscape effects.
LED lights with its small size, long life, low energy consumption, instant start, rich color, change the color and other characteristics by the current use is very common among the landscape lighting. The various manufacturers have landscape lighting up and down the full effort in order to enhance the quality of lighting, to create a poetic landscape light environment.
Design and lighting linkage, intelligent control of Concord, designers need to be designed to take full account of the personality characteristics of the landscape light to enhance the beauty of the landscape rather than reduce the grade of the landscape art. The from the current in terms of the Building, decorative of, the previous of color numerous and complicated the contours of lights to the the environment brought about by is not sense of beauty while the more is the "light pollution,", and the from the the the the current trends of view, the yellow light is the the the the the the mainstream of trend of of the the future contour lights.

High quality with just key technology
From the point of view, LED landscape lighting glare issue is no longer the key technical points. But still there are technical problems with light, LED landscape lighting with light, color, brightness, uneven. Single wall wash lights, lamps need to be light radiation through a certain angle to the wall, and ultimately form a uniform color, but due to some technical problems, many manufacturers in the formation of light on a wall or uneven color or appear stripe-shaped light bar. Manufacturers generally light before the installation of imitation lumens lens optical radiation to the target location, rotation angle bracket. In this way, the use of light can only reach about 50%, in other words such utilization does not reflect the energy-saving features of the LED landscape lighting. According to the Dalian Road name LED Technology Co., Ltd. R & D center lighting product development and design engineers Liuguang Jian, Lu Ming has begun research on efficiency improvements in light, there are several sets of programs are being pilot phase, if the trial is successful, the light use efficiency is expected to increase to 80%.

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