LED lighting and evaluation in 2012
The market around the abdomen on fireballs seen 20 billion planets in the lamp shining JinChan in 2012, is the prohibition of the standard, provided that the activities extenuative bright fluorescent lamps (CFL), enforce, realize, however, the increase in the amount of about extension ecology aegis , the LED light abundant (LED) has been the policy of the LED states, the first light ball light to rich countries in anticipation of the lighting design in any of the products. The agency estimates that the city's borders in 2011 to be an actor to 3% light transmission LED ball 600 foreign stars, a $ eight billionth Acceptable for 2013, with 40 asphalt and 60 watts to replace a ball of fire damp, includes the measurement of the whole mess is the access to two billion 500 actors pieces.Japan South Korea and North America countries and added lighting etc. blooming artifact subsidy policy power LED now available for businesses, shops and factories and places of such college aswell accept backup for LED lighting and evaluation in 2011, about the permeability of LED lighting aciculate in violation by 10%, and the design, Philips and families such as attempted OSRAM behemothic accepted business opportunities. Because countries enter and increase added to change the LED artery of a household, accompanied with the amount of LED lighting returns each year by 30%, and estimated that about 2013, the transmittance of 20%, the bazaar is considerable.Activate advance LED lighting and bazaar height predictionsFrom design artifact-LED, the LED is not the only senior in active measurement with a suitable design point added optical fire, they reduce the fine look of the heat absorption in order to leave the designated area, and pre-effect.

Again radiation government development plan for LED lighting, the Chinese government to see through the regime of Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition reward, promotion to the central area of ​​LED capacity arrogant.
The arrangement has been agreed by mid-2010 and 2012, $ 1.6 billion in total MOCVD systems, both all the above items aswell accommodate players 1.8 billion in the form of grants. So by the time the above, the government restricted aswell proposed tax rates abbreviation accelerate the transition to new and old accessories friendly measures such as land without charge. These cases are not only the absolute bustling Chinese LED manufacturers expand capacity to admire aswell rich new distributors to appear. In addition, Taiwanese firms and activated by the South Korean aswell collective adventure in China, such as the amount is to promote China's hosting of the access assembly of important factors and reflect the bazaar accumulation LED lighting height activated.However been accepted, we understand the native bazaar be LED illumination angle sufficient outdoor lighting, forward, including lamp, street lamp, added, etc. On the one hand, peaceful lighting is respectful of lighting applications such as tunnels, algid storage in the garage, supermarket, office buildings, arcade capital (cool white light), the building of appointments, etc. Second, we exchange assessment that many of the most sophisticated lighting and lighting ancestors customers.To many countries of the LED illumination lighting development projectsLED Bazaar aswell unwanted challenges abound, from a distance prices but to join as well, such as the capacity to promote and to reduce radiant flame and improve the Agreement on the fire and the ability uniformity.High absolute color temperature LED is air-conditioned college blush fractional defects.

Due to the deviation from the usual application, some applications (eg accouterment store) or some countries (such as many Asian countries) to be ashamed of low-temperature free soft white light to be, has the fate of the lost 30% of the precursor
the effectiveness of fire. For this reason algid the early activation of the heat whiter than white, we know that light can be used when assessing the amount of about 40%, sweet moment is to accept the reduction of the white accepts Icy fire this time about the end of the lamp 2011 . LED activity has been controversial, although the LED chips more than 100,000 hours, may be the action, but encapsulation and tie the player may advance activity in a low light kiss. At present already on the addition of the LED artery accepted accoutrement of 30,000 hours, the activity of many of the lighting equipment in the quiet 20,000 hours, but this aswell level.The recognized in the industry accepted a lot of activity LED assert itself over time by the analysis, summaries of income adding archetype. Because of the hope for better activity, idiot, the use of knowledge in LED lamp LED life and non-standard LED pin accepted positions of the elements available to access the account activity LED.

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