High-voltage LED technology advantages of low voltage LED
In the same output power, high voltage LED drive current is significantly lower than the low-voltage LED. Epistar high pressure blue 1W LED's forward voltage drop of up to 50V, that it is only 20mA drive current output power of 1W, while the average forward voltage drop is 3V 1WLED need to 350mA drive current to output 1W power, the power dissipation of the same high-voltage LED output power at work is far lower than the low-voltage LED, which means that the cost of the heat dissipating aluminum enclosure can be greatly reduced.

The high-voltage LEDs can significantly reduce the AC-DC conversion efficiency losses. 10W output power, for example, if the forward voltage drop of 50V, 1W high-voltage LED output can take two and four-string configuration, four series-connected LED's forward voltage drop is 200V, that is just from the City power 220V alternating current (AC) bridge rectifier and drop 20V on it. However, if we adopt a forward voltage drop is 3V 1W low voltage LED, even if the forward voltage drop of 10 strung together, but 30V, that is step-down from 220VAC mains to 30VDC. We know that the lower the pressure difference of the input and output AC to DC conversion efficiency is higher, visible, such as high pressure LED, the efficiency of the transformer can be greatly improved, thereby significantly reducing the power loss when the AC-DC converters, which a heat consumption to reduce but also to further reduce the cost of the cooling shell.

Therefore, if the high-voltage LED to develop
LED lighting products, the overall power consumption can be greatly reduced, thereby significantly reducing the design requirements of the thermal shell, such as we can use thinner, lighter aluminum casing can meet the cooling needs of the LED lights an integral part of the cost of aluminum casing to reduce also means that effectively reduce the overall LED lighting costs due to the cost of the heat dissipating aluminum enclosure is the major cost of LED lighting. Thus, high voltage LED can bring to effectively reduce the cost and weight of LED lighting, but its significance is dramatically reducing the design requirements of the cooling system, which will effectively cleared the LED lighting indoor lighting market technical obstacles. Therefore, the high-voltage LED will dominate the future of LED general lighting market.
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