LED lighting market size approaching $ 1 billion
Deutsche Securities estimated that the global LED consumer lighting market in 2012 about the size of close to $ 1 billion. LED lighting used in the chip market will grow 57 percent this year, but depends on the end of this year the prices of LED bulbs could be further price cuts to drive the LED bulbs penetration greatly increased.
Deutsche Securities issued by the latest legal report pointed out that the LED light bulb penetration rate of about 5 percent this year, next year will be doubled to 10%. Which prices, electricity costs, and national government policies are key. The average prices of LED bulbs is about $ 20, can be reduced by the end of the $ 10 price, the consumers, the total annual spend on less than ordinary light bulb, the cost and the amortization period may be shortened to 1 to 2 years.
Germany, after Japan, Europe will be the largest LED lighting market, government policy is also more encouraging because the local price is higher, while the environmental awareness of society.
Take-off of the LED industry, Germany is more optimistic about the upstream manufacturers, chip quality is the key to reduce supply chain costs, if the performance is higher, not only can reduce the amount of a single light bulb LED, lower packaging costs, and can reduce heat and improve driver and lighting efficiency.
Germany the most optimistic about the crystal power plant in Taiwan (2448), the company only produces chips grain, no conflicts of interest and brand manufacturers such as Philips, Osram and path maker Costco will increase outsourcing orders; Everlight (2393) package of technical excellence and its own brand, the footing is also good, but must respond to the brand of intense competition challenges.

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