Large wattage light bulbs to enter the competition in the new Bureau of LED lighting
LED lighting into the big watts 10 watts competition Bureau, pathways and lighting industry is rushing into. Tsann Kuen 3C launched a 10-watt LED bulb 279 yuan (NT, the same below), the ultra-cheap to grab the market, compared with billion light 8 watt, 299 yuan cheaper; Delta Electronics introduced the 10.5-watt LED bulb with B & Q to work together to sell , his aim was to replace the traditional 60-watt incandescent traditional light bulb market.
Tatung 10-watt LED bulb into the fray in July, the CLP while the 9-watt attack. The industry pointed out that the 60-watt incandescent bulb is the traditional markets of the main light source, 8-watt LED bulb illumination could not be replaced, the 9-watt, 10 watt LED illumination in order to compete, the market potential bullish.

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