LED light tube driven power solutions
Currently, LED used in everyday lighting is becoming increasingly popular, from outdoor lighting to indoor lighting, can see the footprints of LED lighting products, LED has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy to control, LED light tube because its lifelong, power-saving features as the more important members of the indoor lighting applications.

Switching power supply as an important part of the LED light tube, divided into two types: isolated power supply and non-isolated power supply.

Isolated power input and output transformer isolation can input and output isolation, high security. Joined the isolation transformer, the power efficiency will be lower, usually about 85%, and the volume of the transformer is relatively large, into the tube interior space will be obvious tension.

Non-isolated power input and output has a direct electrical connection, touch the output part of the risk of electric shock. More non-isolated buck power supply, AC rectifier is received after the DC high voltage step-down Buck circuit and constant current control.

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