The future market of the global consumer electronic in china
Benefit from a stable economic growth and vast hinterland markets, China has surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest consumer electronics market. This also means that the global consumer electronics industry's future growth and market opportunities in China.
From the world's largest consumer electronic products manufacturing base, center, to the world's largest centers of consumption of consumer electronic products, Chinese enterprises should be insight into how changes in consumer demand, supply and demand of the whole industry chain docking, grab the largest market for future growth? Recently, as the highest the Consumer Electronics Show in Asia, China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) organizing committee pointed out that "the critical period of adjustment in the global consumer electronics industry, this year's SINOCES by the depth of the industry chain and industry changes positive guidance, and provide direct help for the consumer electronics companies to capture market opportunities, reduce the impact of the economic downturn. "
The global consumer electronics market research firm GFK forecast 2012 global consumer electronics market will grow by 5 percent, the European market and even increased 3% anti-drop, Asia-Pacific emerging markets led by China will achieve a 18% growth, promote the global consumer electronics The key driver of market growth.
This year, the Chinese consumer electronics giant TCL take the lead in the TV industry and Apple, Samsung, LG and other various forces around cloud computing, smart TV product standards and market the right to speak expand the infighting. Recently, Apple frequently released to the market propaganda predictive information of all kinds of Apple TV, but in the development of intelligent cloud TV, TCL, led by local enterprises and responsive manner. ,
In August last year, TCL was the first global launch smart cloud television and Joint Promotion Committee of Ministry of Industry and consumer electronics information technology, product quality inspection center of national radio and television organizations publish "intelligent cloud television industry standard 2.0", once again on behalf of the Chinese color TV enterprises to expand the The contention of the standard right to speak.
All along, the new technologies and new products are the global consumer electronics companies to stimulate consumption, an important driving force to promote market growth. Similarly, the visible strength of the TCL as the representative of the Chinese color TV enterprises in the field of smart cloud television will be invisible standard shown, so seize the commanding heights of the intelligent cloud television industry.
The great charm of the Chinese market has also attracted multinational provider of system solutions, including IBM, NEC, Philips, sustained investment. Recently, Philips join hands with China Association of Lighting Industry, China's semiconductor lighting LED industry alliance, co-sponsored "Light, Transcend no - LED Lighting China Development Summit Dialogue, Greater China CEO of Philips Lighting Liang Hanfeng disclosed for the first time: "We are confident about the LED lighting market in China, and increasing investment and support in the Chinese market. Our goal is to achieve in 2015, the LED business accounted for 50% of the overall volume of business."
To this end, Philips is in China to build customer-focused, market research, design and development, procurement and manufacturing to marketing, end-to-end customer value chain; and accelerate the realization of the component manufacturer of lighting products to solve the integration of lighting strategic transformation of the program provider, to create a business model closer to the local market to better meet the needs of local customers of the various market segments. Liang Hanfeng also revealed that, "As China is defined as 'local market', China's position on the Philips global strategic map is rising."
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