Analysis of development advantages of LED downlights
Be compared with the popular lamps, the advantages of LED downlights are more distinct:

First, LED downlight life long

Strong function of seismic and dustproof, low power consumption, the required voltage and current, low-calorie, light emitting less heat, does not occur safely hidden, high safety factor, LED lighting is solid light source, epoxy resin, luminous body, the local is not easy loose. does not exist filament easy to burn, heat accumulation, high-light decay and other defects, the use of life is up to 30000-50000 hours, 30 times the common light bulb, which is equivalent to continuous illumination three-year effort.

Second, LED downlight limitations of widely

Home lighting, office lighting, ceiling lighting, residential lighting, stalls, shops, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, bars and Western restaurants, coffee shops, civic occasions, family night light, the lights of the festive atmosphere. Solar lighting, city beautification lighting widespread use of engineering.

Third, LED downlight energy efficient

Drive low-voltage, ultra low power consumption (single tube 0.05W) light-emitting power conversion nearly 98 percent fat than the traditional energy-saving lighting energy-saving 60% -80%, LED lamp, and the device is sensitive and convenient, durable and reliable.

Fourth, LED downlight green

Light without ultraviolet light no infrared, no radiation, the results of soft light, no flicker, can frequency Kai, is a real green lighting, LED lighting is not a fever, do not contain mercury and xenon and other harmful elements, which will help to accept the takeover and secondary applications .

The light source is the main elements of the human eye color perception, led light color is the lighting in mind learning, thinking about the main parameters. As a result, the pleasant color calm color lighting design is not missing local ordinary in terms of ease of dimming, echoes the speed and volume of the integrated LED light source will be applicable to the light source of the future of green energy, but the LED The Downlight necessary beyond the traditional lighting formats, access to the rational design Future market demand for more and more humane lighting, variable color temperature also will become the new lamps in the future to carry out tend.

LED downlight lighting produced in the future companies should vigorously bias: accurate view of LED illumination, luminance-oriented, reasonable supply distribution curve, reduce glare, the diversification of progressive color rendering and color temperature to complete the led integrated modular normalization and standardization, the use of the unit by the light to guide the design of the lamp bias, beyond the traditional format while the founders of the new face of the LED downlight.
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