Excessive lighting mercury will effectively curb, LED lights had become the Development trends
It is predicted that by 2015, China's fluorescent yield will reach 2 billion, At present, China's production of a fluorescent actual amount of mercury consumption average for the 45.04-48.00mg, do the same calculation in 2015, with an annual output of fluorescent lamps containing the total will reach 60 tons of mercury, the amount of mercury consumed by the production will reach more than 90 tons! This is a shocking figure, how to contain excessive mercury due to the waste tube has become an urgent problem.
Now the most common energy-saving lamps, an energy-saving lamps, mercury-containing about 5 mg, this content is equivalent to the size of a ballpoint pen tip. An ordinary thermometer in the mercury content was 500 mg, that is 100 energy-saving lamps, mercury content is equivalent to a thermometer. The mercury concentration in excess of 1 mg of mercury into the ground, can be caused by 360 tons of water pollution due to the low boiling point of mercury can evaporate at room temperature, waste of energy-saving lamp broken, instantaneous can in the air around a hundred times. Our current amount of energy-saving lamps in about 1.4 billion. Moreover, the ordinary residents abandoned the light mercury exceeded the lack of knowledge, and accordingly, many people waste lamp recycling system can effectively curb the waste lamp mercury exceeded.
However, we have to face a problem, because the energy-saving lamps broken on the electronic components, so if the recovery of the value of reusable components inside the lamp is very small, and if you want to light mercury pollute the environment toxic separated, the cost is almost equal to the price and buy a new one energy-saving lamps. So, of course, no companies are willing to do this kind of trading at a loss. If the system of coercion, its effect can not completely guarantee that the mercury was exceeded still can not be effectively curbed.
The potential environmental pollution problems in energy-saving lamps for the lighting industry to keep looking at other alternatives. At present, semiconductor lighting, LED lights, that can be solved completely the problem of excessive mercury caused by the energy-saving lamps, because it does not contain mercury, and can save up to 80% of the electrical service life of 8-10 years, so the more more into the public's attention.
In recent years, LED lights and more use in the Landscape, to statistics, nearly 80% of the Suzhou city 14 more than ten thousand urban landscape lights use LED lights, In addition, part of the urban roads and street lights also start using LED lights. LED light is generally from 1 watt to 3 watts, color saturation, and flexible control, the light source with focused, for Landscape Design, which can well reflect the landscape have clear and dark, local lighting, the greater the advantage of wattage, energy-saving effect is more pronounced.
However, LED lights also have defects, its spectrum is a single, three primary colors. As the power increases, the heat dissipation problem is more prominent. But this can not be denied with LED lights to replace the ordinary lamp, and thus effectively to contain mercury exceeding the fact that, of course, this also requires the efforts of many, how long to achieve, we still wait and see

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