The traditional street lights replaced with LED lights, the world's 12 major cities expected to save 85% energy
It is reported that the lighting in the world account for about 19% of electricity consumption, global lighting system is more efficient than doubling can be said to be equivalent to remove the half of Europe's electricity consumption and exhaust heat. A global, independent tests have been established recently, LED lights can save 85% energy. The test results also show, try the city's residents tend to use LED lights or street lights and want to be able to multi-laying in order to achieve the environmental benefits.
This one-two and a half of the global plan includes 15 sites in New York, USA, English in London and Calcutta, India and other places in 12 cities, the LED street lights, to explore the use ratio of the LED street lights and the installation of LED street lights the city.
Expanding the use of LED street lights in the Rio +20 UN Global Compact Corporate Sustainability Forum of the International Sustainable Energy Forum, to implement the part of the policy is also a Philips (Philips), The Climate Group climate change groups working relationship is one of .
LED street lights use failure rate of less than 1% over 6000 hours
The survey shows that in Calcutta, London, Sydney, Toronto, 66% to 90% of respondents expressed support for the widely laying LED street lights in the city, because it can improve visibility and safety.
Climate Group and Philips are called for in the international community to set up a light bulb for the highest carbon dioxide emissions standards and to ensure that global citizens can effectively use of outdoor lighting.
Climate Group chief executive Mark Kenber, LED lighting, the share of the light source in the global city is bound to increase, public lighting, street lamps and public buildings of the lamps should be replaced with LED lights, and set a target in 2020, all public lighting using LED light source. The organization will recruit a leadership team in the city, state and national governments to efforts to implement this policy.
Philips Lighting is the world's public and government affairs director pointed out that the fully converted to the benefits of the latest energy-saving LED lights, and contains not only save energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions can be the city's environment conversion. We believe that the complete implementation of the laying of the LED lights can create one to the public, passengers, suitable living environment and tourism.
Indian owners, announced that the use of LED lighting for the residents of the benefits is clear, white light so that his company no longer ridge cover every afternoon under the street lamp, the buyer can clearly distinguish between green and blue , the turnover increased a lot.

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