Five factors that affect the industrial development of LED lighting
Since the LEDs into the lighting industry, society and the media attention. Once in order to seize market opportunities, investment overheating. But after the market boom, LED lighting does not show people expected the effect. What is the long distances or difficult? The future of LED lighting for them? This article summarizes and analyzes some of the common problems of the current LED lighting industry, as follows:

First, the lack of core technology

LED industry in recent years showing the trend of "blowout", but the core technology and patents is quite scarce, especially in relation to the future development of the blue and white core of the lack of patent, which restricts the long-term development of the entire LED industry. Even the core chip of some SMEs are still dependent on foreign exports. With the constant expansion of industry, technical patent issues will become the lifeblood of the control of enterprise development.

Second, the lack of brand awareness

Low barriers to entry of the LED industry, resulting in a large number of enterprises, cohabitation, the majority of its SME small workshop Most of these companies did not create its own brand awareness, product uneven, and even many cottage foreign brands. Own brand, not to establish a brand image, companies will gradually submerged by the tide of LED lights.

Third, local protectionism impact

Most local governments have varying degrees of local protectionism, and government support policies for economic development will be introduced, will give priority consideration to local businesses, such as select landscape lighting and traffic lighting, making some small and medium enterprises had to be the main energy on bidding for government projects, thus losing the opportunities for external expansion, and for the establishment of brand image, local government impact is minimal.

Fourth, the lack of industry standards

LED lights fast pace of development, the market is not yet standardized, while the state has not introduced corresponding to the national industry standard, larger companies generally have their own set standards, small and medium-sized enterprises to follow, which makes the industry standard with regional Disorder of varying the industry standard, leading companies encounter great obstacles in developing off-site market.

Fifth, the high price

Compared to traditional lighting LED lights high prices, more generally used for government projects and large buildings, and not into the family of ordinary people. LED lights with environmental protection and other features, but the high price is still the most ordinary consumers in a wait state, LED lights lighting into the home also need a very long time.

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