Three technical direction of the 2012 LED lighting technology research and development
High-power LED lights, outdoor applications, not only to solve the uniformity of brightness issues at the same time there are certain requirements in the light distribution, that is to cover large enough, the light can stretch. So as to achieve the true sense of LED lighting, LED high-power outdoor lighting, application of 2012 technology research and development will focus on the following aspects:

First, to increase the light efficiency and luminous flux, reducing the package thermal resistance to enhance the secondary optical design and improve the brightness of the LED light source;

Secondly, to strengthen the power system R & D, high-power LED lights require a constant current drive power, in order to ensure a constant output power of LED lights, especially the unstable status quo of China's power supply voltage supply, which is even more important;

Third, to strengthen the research and development of the LED chip to achieve the autonomy of the core technology to further reduce the cost of LED lighting.
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