The Climate Group called on countries to accelerate towards low carbon lighting
In the recently concluded United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the Climate Group released an independent global technical test results, LED lighting can save up to 85% of energy. The trial also found that the pilot of urban residents prefer LED lighting is superb and that its social and environmental benefits. CEO MarkKenber of the Climate Group, said: "This report clearly shows that LED technology has been with the conditions of a wide range of applications in various towns around the world, we call on governments to remove policy barriers and accelerate the transition to a low carbon lighting.

This independent test of the LED lighting project for a period of two and a half years, 15 tests were carried out in 12 cities around the world in New York, London, Calcutta, Sydney and Hong Kong. The test conclusions by "light clean revolution: the rise of the LED road lighting and its significance for the city's" report was first released.

The report analyzes the status of the global lighting market, as well as the prospects for the development of LED technology. For those seeking to upgrade and for large-scale LED retrofit projects for financing policy makers and urban lighting managers, the reports provide a detailed reference.

The concept of "clean revolution" advocated by the Rio +20 summit as where part of the campaign, the report by the Climate Group work together to complete Philips, is to practice "clean revolution" - a relatively small cost in a short time to save a lot of energy.

According to statistics, 19 percent of the electricity used for lighting, and 6 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions from the lighting. If you double the efficiency of the global lighting, climate impact equivalent to all EU electricity and heat production of greenhouse gas emissions reduced by half. As with many other energy-saving technologies, energy efficient lighting will promote global prosperity. Only in the United States, the field of lighting energy demand 40% reduction in annual energy costs will be reduced by $ 53 billion; thereby reducing energy demand, which is equivalent to the generating capacity of 198 medium-sized power stations.

The Climate Group and Philips called for the establishment and implementation of an international low-carbon lighting standards, to ensure that the world has the opportunity to enjoy the energy-efficient outdoor lighting
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