How to choose the right LED lighting
In Modern home decorating decorative lights role is not merely to illuminate a room, it has gradually deepen into a new special significance symbol. The use of different lighting style, a mix of light and dark, and the combination of light and shadow, architectural decoration will create a whole new light environment, is an important manifestation of the second decoration.

In decorating illumination required, based on the different architectural interior space environment, should be the correct selection of the type of lighting with LED lighting to provide people with good lighting conditions, so that the people be able to get the best visual effects in the construction of indoor space environment.

The lighting design has two characteristics: First, it's artistic; its functionality. In this connection, the listed ten precautions, outlining how to select the right LED lighting skills for friends as a reference.

1. Effective control of energy consumption - the basic requirements of modern lighting design reuse and save energy. Energy-saving, environmental protection and health is the basic purpose of the green lighting. Green lighting advocated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1991 has become popular in the world, enjoys popular support, have a profound impact on the lighting design. Re-transformation and re-engineering for the installation of LED lights, and old inefficient system has many solutions.

2. Effective lighting environment - solar energy affect a person's mood and feeling. Indoor and lighting feel a subjective impression and unconscious. In recent years, the importance of the public more and more attention to the positive workplace LED lighting environment.

3. Natural color correction - only within the spectrum of color in the incident light is reflected from an object and the naked eye to detect. The color correction is a measure of the ability of the artificial light source to show the natural color of the object. Conditional, recommended the use of LED type light source products, color rendering and color temperature, energy-saving aspects of outstanding performance.

4. Appropriate color rendering - the day when the natural light source light will be replaced. Artificial LED light source can be presented in different colors and light performance, and to support different lighting functions and contexts.

5. Appropriate shadow state - the shadow can strengthen the three-dimensional sight and guidelines. The effective combination of scattered light and direct light can produce a good state of a shading.

6. LED lighting correctly projected position in the direction of the projection direction of the contrast correction is important. At the same time, it also affects the distribution of light and shadow.

7. Contrast correction - the contrast of the important can make the eye to distinguish between physical and background. An LED lighting system, good contrast correction does not cause reflective and even shiny plane, and documents. Even glossy paper will not affect the reading.

8. Appropriate reflective control - indoor reflective not lead sound vision, but might be interested in vision cause irritation and damage.

9. Light distribution - distribution of soft lighting in different indoor plane, to give room for comfort. Conversely, unsuitable or too much light will cause vision damage and fatigue.

10. Human vision is very dependent on the brightness of the surrounding horizon. When the increase in the brightness of the environment, the human power and the overall visual acuity is also relatively increase; while the possibility of error is also reduced. In simple terms, we can illuminance divided into 7: Orientation and simple visual operations 30,50,100 lx; ​​the ordinary visual task 300,500,1000 lx; ​​the special visually job 3000 to 10000lx. Can be selected in accordance with the different requirements of the indoor to the illumination of the LED lights.

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