How to identify the quality of LED lights
LED lights and other lamps compared very prominent advantages: energy saving, long life, green. However, LED lighting quality vary widely, and consumers do not know how to choose? Given the current the panel lamp market price close fight vicious competition, a large number of substandard products listed have been contrary to the real value of the LED energy-saving, long life, environmental protection, contrary to the meaning of the LED technology is applied to the field of integrated ceiling, and seriously affect the the healthy development of the of integrated ceiling LED panel lights. How to distinguish the pros and cons of LED lights, should be in the following aspects:

1. Look at the overall lighting power factor: power factor is low, bad drive power, circuit design, will greatly reduce the life of the lamp, the power factor is low, even the best lamp beads lamp life is not president .

High and low power factor, can be detected with the "power factor table"! General export LED lights 0.85 power factor requirements. The power factor is less than 0.5, it should be said that substandard products or trash products, not only short life, and the actual power consumption to about twice than the nominal, that is to say, not how energy-saving than ordinary energy-saving lamps,!

2. "Heat lamps conditions - materials, structure is very important: LED heat lamps, lamps of the same power factor and the same quality lamp beads, heat conditions is not good, the lamp beads at high temperatures, light failure will The great lamp life will be reduced.

Currently, the use of the heat dissipating material is mainly copper, aluminum, PC, copper, the thermal conductivity is better than aluminum, good thermal conductivity of aluminum than the PC, and now integrated ceiling plate lights used the radiator materials generally aluminum maximum, if using air convection method to heat, must handle circuit, power supply insulation problem. Otherwise, lamps work in a more humid environment, prone to short circuit, causing accidents!

3. Look at the the lamp beads quality: the quality of the lamp beads decided to chip quality and packaging technology.

4. Other parts of life is relatively light to see drive power lamps, power, life expectancy is much shorter, the life of the power to affect the overall life of the lamps, lamp beads theoretical life of 5-10 million hours, and the power life in 0.2-3 ten thousand hours, the power of design and material selection will determine the service life of the power.

5. To see the light efficiency: the same lamp beads power, higher luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness, the same lighting brightness, low power consumption is smaller, more energy-efficient.

6. See the power efficiency, power efficiency as high as possible, the higher the smaller the power consumption of the power itself, the greater the power output.

7. It is working fine?

A good quality LED lights, in addition to several key aspects of the above-mentioned, but also according to the different environment, different technical requirements, such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-magnetic, anti-lightning.

In short, a good quality LED lights, high-quality drive power, cooling conditions, high-quality (chip) lamp beads, comply with the safety standards of several aspects of the perfect combination! Only stressed that any party can not be called a qualified product! Light Pu Xiamen, founded in 1994, is engaged in the of LED semiconductor and lighting products development, production, sales professional group manufacturers. Has 18 years experience in packaging lighting, LED panel lights quality products, excellent quality.
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