Popularize of LED lighting or to accelerate
In addition to more energy efficient than incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) bulbs, longer life, LED ceiling lights do not contain mercury. Contact consumers this is not very mature, but the rapid growth market, not many, but the two appear to be well-known:

1, LED (currently) more expensive than the price of other lighting methods;

2, LED is more energy-efficient. In fact, the acronym LED has become synonymous with energy-efficient.

In a report released in June, the U.S. Department of Energy confirmed the superiority of LED environmental performance, based on manufacturing and performance characteristics of incandescent, energy-saving lamps and LED lights through a rigorous life cycle assessment, the report summed up the LED lights the lowest degree of harm to the environment - to judge based on LED technology is expected to be improved, to 2017, the performance gap will continue to widen.

Although people can not get off on the initial interest and energy saving solid-state lighting, but we believe that, in the final analysis, energy saving is not critical. This is not to say that solid-state lighting energy efficiency is low; opposite is true. Our hypothesis is that there will be no less important role in the gradual transition to the process of solid-state lighting, energy efficiency plays. Can imagine this feature into a built-in standards, like the modern air-conditioned car.

Once the lighting designer a better understanding of these intangible assets, including lighting physiologically favorable impact, they will be able to convince customers to convert to LED lighting. Road the Shihai Mo and the Bali Bo pointed out that the "avant-garde hotel chains, retail stores and office has begun using LED lighting. The two authors are very optimistic about the prospects of more than $ 60 billion lighting market and forecast of the market in the next decade will restore growth momentum, while the LED which will play a leading role.

In the way towards market-led, LED industry is facing a formidable challenge. Gradually deepen as the bridge between the architects, lighting designers, engineers, independent manufacturers agents (manufacturers and lighting designers) LED brand and product awareness, will accelerate the popularization of LED.
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