Analyze the LED lighting market in 2012
The development of LED lighting popular with market expectations, the growth momentum is very strong. It is reported that a large number of government projects, public works under the guidance of the government to use LED products, civil part has also been partially cut into the market, into the initial incubation period. LED intelligent control not only of a trend of the future, will also become an important selling point for next year.

Low-end LED products trends: focus on four markets and rural markets, low-end, but better quality lighting products, the market situation is quite good, the larger space. Quite a long time, the main market of the LED lights will be concentrated in the rural areas. Due to the the rural urbanization speed and new rural construction in full swing, the spending power of this class is very huge. Rural popular fixtures: energy saving lamps, ceiling lamps, low-end LED local lighting, traditional crystal lamps and low-voltage crystal lamps.

The end product trends: the impact of the big economic situation, the city ordinary citizens class and small and medium-income groups, the spending power of the general rise in the lighting end products 2011 and 2012 is still optimistic about the general trend. So in the end product of the situation in 2012 will compare well.

The development trend of high-end products: high-end product is always the consumer class to have 80% of the 20% of the wealth to build, so by the impact of the economic environment is not large; truly high-end product and only by a little brand provided, so the competition is not much pressure. Therefore, the high-end LED products next year can still maintain a growth of 30-50%.
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