LED tubes use process FAQs
LED tube used what components?
LED light source (SMD better), PCB (aluminum plate), radiator, constant current source, masks, and the like. A good quality the LED tube largely depends on the thermal performance and power stability. The thermal performance, including the choice of the LED light source, LED welding, pressure-sensitive adhesive of the circuit board and heatsink, and the design of the radiator.

Improved LED tube the lamp beads glare method?
The appropriate plus dedicated frosted or before adding a large resistor.

LED tube driver how to choose?
General the optional constant current of LED of lamps, the IC then depends on what quality you need generally good, selected foreign, if necessary in general, then you can choose the country.

LED tube principle directly to the number of LED series it?
LED tube use LED technology, time with light, secondary light distribution, AC-DC power supply technology, cooling technology-based lighting products. You said directly many LED series just common electrical connection, rather than only those will be able to form LED tube. Should be added to the power supply structure Bulb, with light shell devices.

LED tube lights instead of the usual factory production workshop can it?
Of course, the best choice for high-power LED lights as very bright and very power. But now the LED is still expensive, and do not know if you can accept that, so we should consider.
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