Combination of solar and LED lighting technology analysis
Today's world, oil, coal, natural gas and other energy sources is facing the risk of resource depletion, environmental pressures are increasing, therefore, environmental protection, energy conservation has become a worldwide strive for the goal of all walks of life. Solar energy is a clean, green energy, semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, high efficiency solid-state electric light.

In the past one hundred years, gone through three important stages: incandescent, fluorescent lamps, HID lamps lighting source. Is the first generation of light sources including incandescent, fluorescent lamp is a second-generation light source, high-intensity gas discharge lamp is a third-generation light source (HID). Now has broad prospects for development in the lighting industry, LED light source called fourth-generation light source. LED as a novel semiconductor light source has a long life, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, the start-up time is short, firm structure.

Solar photovoltaic principle:

The solar photovoltaic power generation is to rely on the solar cell module, using the electronic characteristic of the semiconductor material, and when the sunlight on a semiconductor PN junction, a strong built-in electrostatic field is generated due to the P-N junction potential barrier region, resulting in the potential nonequilibrium electrons and holes in the barrier region or produced outside the barrier region, but diffusion into the barrier region of nonequilibrium electrons and holes, in the electrostatic field is built, each moving in the opposite direction, away from the barrier zone result that the increased P-area potential, N area potential reduced, thus generated in the voltage and current in the external circuit, the light energy into electricity. Solar photovoltaic power generation system can be divided into two categories, one grid power systems, and the utility grid connected via a standard interface, like a small-scale power plants; and the other is a stand-alone power generation system, that is, in their own The closed system is formed inside the circuit. Grid power generation system by the photovoltaic array will receive sun radiation energy into high voltage DC after high frequency DC converter, the same frequency after inverter inverter output to the grid with the grid voltage, the same phase sinusoidal AC current. Independent power generation system photovoltaic array will first received solar radiation energy to be directly converted into electrical energy supplied to the load, and the excess energy in the form of chemical energy stored in the battery after the charge controller.

The 2.LED illumination advantages:

LED semiconductor lighting source in addition to long life, high luminous efficiency, small size, light weight, safe and reliable environmental advantages, there is a significant advantage is that LED startup and operating voltages, so without the use of ballast. So saving cost and energy consumption at the same time, but also greatly shortened pass off the response time.

3. Combination of solar and LED lighting

Solar photovoltaic technology combined with LED lighting perfect lies both with the DC, low voltage and can match each other. Thus the combination of the two does not require the DC power generated by solar cells into alternating current, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the entire lighting system. At the same time, by means of grid technology or the use of battery charge and discharge energy to the more obvious advantages. With the in-depth study of the relevant technology, the LED luminous efficiency is improved, ultra-high brightness LED will come out, is bound to replace general lighting electric light, and a large number of energy saving and pollution-free.

The ultra-high brightness LED believe is the future of mainstream lighting also can bring the regime change, with the wind, solar, would be quite a new indicator of the sustainability concept. This new model, including China, Europe and Japan in the test application, being accelerated the pace of large-scale commercialization.

Because the the LED current work is direct current and low voltage. Solar cell converts light energy into DC power, and solar components can get the actual needs of the voltage through the series and parallel combinations. These characteristics match coincided with the LED, the combination of the two will get a high energy efficiency, high safety performance and reliability, energy-saving, environmental protection, security, efficient lighting systems to achieve the perfect combination.
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