Europe and the United States plans to raise the standard of LED lighting
Shenzhen Vision Electronic closed down since the end of June, after the recent negative information about the LED industry too much, we are very sensitive and do not know how many businesses will be drained. "Says an industry source. China's LED industry is facing various difficulties, the message is to raise the standard of imported products from the EU, the U.S. and other major export program for strikes again!

According to the Guangdong Province WTO / TBT Notification and Enquiry Center (hereinafter referred to as the "TBT Research Center) estimated that, the LED export enterprises in Guangdong Province will therefore increase the cost of production of about 40 billion yuan.

It is reported that the EU's proposed directional lights and LED lights energy-efficiency requirements, only the energy efficiency index of 0.2 or more directional LED lights and directional fluorescent lamps in order to enter the EU market, 2.5 times higher than before the energy efficiency requirements. The United States is the communications directional lights and LED lighting products imported conformity assessment, market supervision and inspection procedures proposed higher requirements, the test costs will therefore increase.

TBT Research Center, said more than 3,000 LED enterprises in Guangdong Province, and most of the products are exported to Europe and America. "We estimate that the enhancement of the above criteria will increase to 20 billion cost of the LED industry in Guangdong Province." The above the TBT research center staff said.

It is understood that the Guangdong Province to the European Union and the United States has expressed the hope that the implementation of the standard time to further postpone the views, however, yet to get a reply. Analysts pointed out that the high demand in Europe and America, technical and safety standards is indeed hidden on Technical Barriers to Trade.

A listed company executives said overseas sales when often suffer the harm of trade protection, the same product for inspection by the company often can not, the local middlemen participation is completely different, this situation a few . "

Despite the industry, there are a lot of questions of the new standards for overseas sound, but in the opinion of some people in the industry, the sooner the new standard overseas implementation, and more conducive to the development of the industry.

A LED lighting business executives bluntly, the technology, resources may be affected, and for quality enterprises, the implementation of the (new standard) to (let them) to seize more quality customers the development of business and industry are positive. "

"This industry is a comprehensive and improved, but also on the quality of a monitor." Full Jian said.

The TBT Research Center staff also said that this is the A Forced mechanisms to promote our business to consider in advance technology updates to improve the quality and other issues, and is an impetus for the development of the domestic industry.
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