Exports to the EU the lamps will add EMF requirements in next year
EMF requirements that electromagnetic radiation requirements. Studies have shown that the human body a long period of high doses of electromagnetic radiation environment, resulting in a more serious neurasthenia syndrome, such as headache, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, discomfort, memory reduction, as well as some of the potential biological damage, and harm to human key Kang. In the lighting field, for the protection of the central nervous system tissue exposed human head and torso, the need to establish a reasonable method for evaluation of electromagnetic fields in the lighting equipment surrounding space. To this end, the EU EMF requirements for lighting products, November 1, 2010, CEN lighting equipment on the assessment of the human body electromagnetic radiation standard EN 62493: 2010.

The standard lamps electromagnetic radiation on the human body rating requirements specified in the standard needs EMF assessment lighting apparatus comprising: the basic functions for the purpose, with the generation and distribution of light to illuminate, and intended to connect to the low-voltage power supply network battery work for all indoor and outdoor lighting equipment; general lighting equipment; one of the main functions of the four major categories of products of lighting multifunction devices and a separate annex for lighting equipment.

Currently, EN 62493:2010 has entered a transition period. The EN 62493:2010 communique published in the February 26, 2012 OJ (OJ C 061 of 29/02/2012) included in the list of the LVD harmonized standards, its implementation date of February 1, 2013.

To this end, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind lighting manufacturers, exports to the EU to make the following preparations: First, focus on the requirements of the new standard, the product in accordance with the new standard requirements sent to a qualified laboratory for testing and certification to ensure that products meet the electromagnetic the radiation standard requirements; enterprises to readjust the structure of the product design, to evaluate the use of key electronic components, configuration-related testing equipment, and to enhance their own quality system control; Third, enterprises should pay attention to the EU regulations instruction to new trends, up-to-date information, to avoid the Technical Barriers lost control and eventually lead to foreign communications product quality, export returns, trade claims.
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