When the office lighting LED lighting main lamps
International research institutions pointed out that the LED lighting market, outdoor lighting and public lighting is best to replace the traditional lighting to LED lighting market, home lighting and commercial lighting gradually replace the road, office lighting can be said is late can success scored the fortress.

T5 fluorescent lamps in the demands of the strong position of the energy-efficient office lighting

Office lighting generally T5 fluorescent lamps mainly at home and abroad, this lamp luminous efficiency of up to 90lm / w ~ 100lm / w, the price is low; less in Taiwan Province electricity, with T8/T9 such specifications traditional fluorescent lamps, fairly thick, luminous efficiency of only 50lm / W ~~ 65lm / W LED tube can be replaced out right, but the price gap is even greater the . T5 fluorescent lamps fine 6000-10000 hours in the life of the product, in addition to the advantages of high luminous efficiency, relatively not too short, so well loved by the emerging market of office lighting, as well as energy-saving-oriented enterprise, application proportion of many in the field of office lighting. T5 Fluorescent lamps with T8 LED tubes price difference is about 1.5 times to 2.5 times. Manufacturers must take into account the life of the differences in energy efficiency differences, and the back of this difference.

Power systems and office building contract

Another office lighting into LED tube will be relatively late, is the problem of the power system, the case of both the cost to replace the existing grid lamps LED tubes need external power to modify a small engineering .

Again is an existing office building market, mainly landlord rented to companies to take the initiative to replace the lighting system will lower the lease contains water, electricity, LED lighting to replace the willingness is there difference if it does not contain. In addition the contract whether to modify lamps, facelift lighting systems, these Asian markets in Europe and the United States have many Meijiao need to rely on a blessing.

Office LED lighting is actually more than imagined yuan, reception areas, corridors and the channel area, open office, cubicle conference room until the building's exterior walls and parking, are considered part of the office lighting.

Replacement office overall space lighting of obstacles, but you can start small places like office signs, lamp slot counter lighting, Downlights reception room, indoor lamps scored by the power system and rent can not contain cost constraints, can also enhance the consumers' willingness to consume and the first impression with a sense of overall space design.

Price, product maturity and return to the time

LED lighting price regardless of which market has difficulties, but office lighting, parking lot lighting, LED lights dispense more electricity bills first bloodshed change. Say the office if we switch to LED lighting, LED tube is relatively cheap way to replace the grid lamps, but if you run out of better uniformity of LED panel light is also very good, in terms of cost differences, individual companies, office building needs assessment and absorption.

Full replacement cost staggering, which is why LED lighting have not been able to reason, popular in the field of office lighting was asked to replace the LED lighting alone, the cost is two to three times the conventional light sources, plus power with the previously mentioned lease reduce the willingness of consumers. LED lamps with well, high energy efficiency, back to the present time (payback) may be longer or shorter, as 2 years to 3 years. But if your office lighting originally had T5 fluorescent tube, then replaced with LED lamps when the office lighting, back to the time longer.

The good news is that in a brand new office building market, LED tube, LED panel light ratio is improving, while both replace the office space market, it is still some way to go.
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