LED lighting market is still in its infancy
October will power the size of a phased ban on the import and sale of general lighting incandescent. Incandescent phase-out of the route into the implementation phase, new lighting, especially LED lighting industry will continue the policy, backed by the LED lighting Wang Ying opportunity.

LED lighting market development is getting hot from the moment the market point of view, shortly after the LED lighting industry will usher in a period of rapid development of the industry. Foreign point of view, the first area of ​​promotion is also two 2,3, but LED street lights this even foreigners are cautious. So do blindly LED street lights boss is likely to become a revolutionary pioneer, while the other two markets but will train many industry "leader" forces.

The mainland is the hottest LED lights, under the Ministry of Science and Technology of ten thousand ten cities to promote the amazing enthusiasm in promoting many people headlong into this market, it seems the first field of lighting up. At present there are 21 pilot cities, the estimated one million, the Ministry of Science and Technology plans approved 50 cities next year, the estimated two million Chinese characteristics! Can be considered to create the China Speed! Worrying but the overall product maturity; may lighting field is the first to be made of a rotten market, repeating the initial suspicion of LED guardrail lamps, whether bubbles have more serious? Although very prosperous, very lively, it is foreseeable that after the Government to take the money, eventually after 2-3 years will trained a number of good LED photoelectric technology company, this may be the ultimate goal of the government.

T8 LED Tube application point of view, from the current market product solutions, there are close to commercial product launch is the first mature promote a market. Can do such as car parks, shopping malls, advertising backlight market; product cost and price is close to commercial application near the point (150). Good product, in terms of optics, heat, and power handling are more mature program. The products are also closest to commercialization. Of course, the current market there are still a large number of low-quality products. This is the biggest challenge. With the introduction of the U.S. Energy Star and EU standards, I believe that the above problem will be greatly improved, that is, to promote the commercialization of T8 LED will begin.

LED light cup, should be concerned, lamp cup is one of the first to start a field of LED lighting, has been the main product program is not mature enough, it is difficult to large-scale applications. Changed to aluminum extrusion profiles now; from previous die casting, can really solve the heat and power products have not seen, that is, so far no one can be commercialized application of the product program. LED itself costs have dropped significantly, but the market has been no major improvement. Also see some foreign reports *** launch products that can be a good solution to the heat and power of the lamp cup, If so, the market of the lamp cup will immediately T8-LED then quickly up. Also the the LED first to hope one of the bigger one area.

From Wal-Mart is not far away in the hope that the world began with T8-LED to replace traditional fluorescent tube can be seen this segments.

The current view of the level of development of the industry, LED lighting is also not enough to break the traditional lighting concept is still stuck in the substituted route; replace type route inside, LED lighting must also rely on the government policy guidelines. In other words, although some receive LED lighting developed to a sufficient degree of maturity, but relative to the entire market, which is still in an initial stage of the prototype level.
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