Reduce the cost of LED lighting into the family
LED home lighting can be divided into two levels, first, replace the traditional 40W/60W incandescent / fluorescent light bulbs, on this aspect, the main demand of consumers consider prices and energy-saving effect; on the other hand is a new design LED lamps, such as the living room, patio lights, table lamps, this part of the emphasis on smart regulation and adjust the color temperature.

Bulb series of for substitutability light 40W/60W ball emphasized price and energy-saving requirements, LED power driver IC vendors through a variety of channels to meet the needs of customers. Richtek Technology Liaoguang Bin Ren Wei pointed out that the high efficiency can be significantly improved energy-saving effect of LED bulbs save electricity expenditures, spending on cooling costs can save LED bulb system cost analysis, enhance power efficiency, significantly reduce system costs.

Second, the simplification of the peripheral circuit components can also save on the cost of the power supply module, reduced power module area to increase the flexibility of the design configuration of the LED light source and heat sink configuration.

Focusing intelligent regulation

Part of the focus in the new design of the LED lights dimming and intelligent regulation, Liaoguang Bin Ren Wei pointed out, the home Bulb in Europe and the United States need to have with both a wall-mounted knob dimming demand, which need to be taken into account application line on both systems. compatibility.

The Macroblock Lighting Product Director Yu Zhongwei said that accumulate in the LED lighting already has AC-DC and DC-DC and other drive product line, emphasis on high conversion efficiency, high power factor, safety and compatibility support adjustable light and so on. He said, dimming dimming technology to enhance the competitiveness of their products, and therefore accumulate positive development dimming function addition to PWM and TRIAC dimming, another accumulation also watching DALI (Digital Address Lighting Interface) development.

DALI interface standard for a new generation of lighting control through this standard interface can be easily integrated within the building lighting system, the user can interface integration through DALI scene edit and illumination adjustment, intelligent light control requirements can be easily achieved in intelligent buildings . In addition, Yu Zhongwei driver IC through more features (such as EMI protection integration) will be able effectively to customers reduced BOM cost.
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